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9.11 investigation

AUDIO: Michael Ruppert with 9-11 interview/update

Ruppert was interviewed as he was in San Francisco last week, participating on a panel discussion held in conjunction with a screening of the film "Aftermath," produced by Guerrilla News Network. The audio of that panel discussion is also available: http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2003/04/1603425.php
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Steppin' Out of Babylon:
Mike Ruppert on 9/11
Length: 28:07
Subtitle:Evidence for US Gov't foreknowledge & complicity
Summary:Ruppert is Editor and Publisher of "From the Wilderness" (www.fromthe wilderness.com). He is a former narcotics agent with the Los Angeles Police Dept., and has been investigating the CIA, etc. for 25 yrs.
Producer:Sue Supriano
Uploaded By:Sue supriano
Uploaded On:04/27/2003
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self-contained half hour radio show

Mike Ruppert on 9/11Language: English
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