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AUDIO: Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV host & Media Critic: 9-11 ANALYSIS

Mr. Zwicker's commentaries on Vision TV reach 12 million Canadian households. To date, he has been the most vocal critic of the inability of the media to review the countless conflicts among elements of the so-called "facts" on 9-11.
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Steppin' Out of Babylon:
Connecting the Dots on 9/11
Length: 28:30
Subtitle:Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV host & Media Critic
Summary:Zwicker has a tv show on Vision TV, a video, "The Great Deception" about 9/11, & is writing a book about 9/11
Type:Regular Show
Producer:sue supriano
Uploaded By:sue supriano
Uploaded On:04/28/2003
Restrictions:For non-profit use only.

self-contained half hour radio show

Connecting the Dots on 9/11Language: English
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homepage: homepage: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=6943

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