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Real COINTELPRO Cops Or Just Horny for a Date with Hot Rebels?


The Boston Police Department Special Operations Unit:
Real COINTELPRO Cops Or Just Horny for a Date with Hot Rebels?

Author: Stephen DeVoy
April 29, 2003

When one thinks of COINTELPRO units, what comes to mind is an image of a sophisticated cabal of professional spooks seeking to discredit and the divide ordinary Americans seeking to improve the United States. My personal encounter with Boston's version of COINTELPRO is that they are everything but professional. Are these really cops, or are they just lonely men and women looking for a date? Had I seen this question posed by someone else at an earlier time, I would have dismissed it as a joke. However this is no joke. Let examine the BPD Special Operations Unit. After reading this, I'm sure you will have second thoughts about bending over to pick up the soap should it fall while using a restroom in a Boston police station.

Before we get deeply into this, let's just take a good look at some photos of the BPD Special Operations Unit in action:


These two COINTELPRO cops seem to have selected female anarchists for special observation. I asked one of the anarchists why the cop was glued to her side and she could come up with no explanation. We'll see this guy continuing his stalking in subsequent photos.


More than a half hour later, she's still being stalked. Do you think he'll ask her for a date?


This female COINTELPRO cop doesn't want to be photographed, so she attempts to duck, blurring her face.

As we've seen in the previous picture, COINTELPRO cops don't like to be photographed. However, check out this next post by John Daley of the BPD Special Operations Unit:


If you read John Daley's remarks, he laments that we were not "fighting the power!" Check out the next photo to understand why. Also, consider the police reaction to having their faces exposed and their disregard for exposing the faces of others.


The anarchists received special treatment from the BPD Special Ops Unit. Not only did they stalk individual females, but they formed two solid columns on each side of the anarchists throughout the march. John Daley's laments that the anarchists did not "fight the power" seem like a Freudian admission that he hoped the the harassment by Special Ops would result in combat between the unarmed anarchists and the armed police.


Special Ops was so hot for a conflict, that they even followed the last few core members after the protest was over...

Let's get back to John Daley. John Daley has a special place in my heart because I have evidence that he is in communication with KOBE. In fact, I would not be surprised if he has been working with KOBE.

I found my website Break Your Chains under a denial of service attack shortly after the protest documented above. In an effort to figure out who might be behind the attack, I carefully examined reverse links to my website. If someone had attempted to draw the attention of hostile parties to the website, that someone might be behind the attack. I discovered a link from the website http://www.guardroom.com/jjdaley/. This is what led me to John Daley. To my surprise, he had posted a message nearly identical to one posted by a COINTELPRO operative on Boston IndyMedia. The sequence of posts relating to the Boston IndyMedia action included communications between this COINTELPRO operative and KOBE. The deduction is that John Daley is that COINTELPRO operative. Let's examine his post on the GUARDROOM, a website for law enforcement "professionals."


Click to enlarge

Here is the text from his post on the Guardroom:

"Two signs from Saturday's 'Peace' march: "This is what a Feminist looks like" and "Bush needs a bitch slap." Photos courtesy of our local phoney [sic] anarchists who seemed more interested in taking photos of hot anti-war chicks then [sic] fighting the power.

Let's compare this text to the text posted on Boston IndyMedia. Here's the comment by "Chuck Wagon:"

"Two signs from Saturday's 'Peace' march: "This is what a Feminist looks like" and "Bush needs a bitch slap." What's wrong with this picture?

Photos courtesy of our local phoney anachists who seemed more interested in taking photos of hot anti-war chicks then fighting the power.

One more thing: Why do you think the gestapo , blackshirt cops were more racially and sexually diverse then the mostly white well-to-do marchers?

Question the authority of your culture."

These posts contain the same mispellings. Notice as well that I caught onto this guy before I ever had proof. I've had enough experience with COINTELPRO to spot it with one eye closed. It's important to note that he continued to deny that he is a COINTELPRO operative, even when exposed as such. The proof I later uncovered proves that he was lying. You will never get a COINTELPRO thug to admit that you've exposed him or her. Don't ever expect an admission. That would blow their operation. The design is to argue that anyone that uncovers a COINTELPRO operation is paranoid. An admission that the operation exists would defeat this design. In any case, it is 100% certain that John Daley is involved in waging COINTELPRO operations against anarchists. It is highly likely that he is a member of KOBE. I have a copy of a sequences of communications via posting between this guy and KOBE.

I will now demonstrate that this is not the first time John Daley has used this technique. Let's look at an earlier message posted by John Daley on the Guardroom:

"What these domestic communists want is riots in the streets, but what they are mostly getting are college kids trying to "meet chicks." So much for the revolution."

This post has exactly the same logical form as the form of his smear against me. Logically, what he is stating is that activists are in it for the sex. They are not in it for the cause. This is classic COINTELPRO. Consider the operations against Martin Luther King Jr. Great effort was invested in making MLK look like a womanizer.

J. Edgar Hoover kept a detailed and shadowy collection of dossiers on many of the civil rights era's greatest leaders and it was under Hoover's authority that an illegally obtained tape, purporting to document King's extramarital sex life, was sent to Coretta Scott King.

Or, from a law enforcement shill's perspective:

Hoover at all times was Machiavellian. For decades he outmaneuvered his political enemies, which included more than one president of the United States. (Nixon is on tape saying that if he fired Hoover, Hoover would " bring down the temple," including the presidency.) The source of Hoover's power was information. He compiled dossiers on the drinking, sex and gambling habits of many thousands of prominent Americans. Writers, actors, musicians, ministers, politicians - anyone with a public following was fair game. Hoover's agents not only cultivated armies of informers, but used illegal wiretapping to gather information on the more prominent targets.

With changes in technology, less well known individuals, such as myself, can reach larger numbers of people. The Internet has enabled the voices of those without financial backing to be heard. The fascist state has responded by creating smaller COINTELPRO projects and farming them out to lesser would-be Hoovers. This is what John Daley and KOBE are all about. For each activist out there, there is probably a small unit dedicated to harassing the activist.

The greatest problem that confronts anyone trying to expose these operations is the false preconception that most individuals have about COINTELPRO. COINTELPRO is not as professional as one might expect. Various lunatics and neo-fascist cops are recruited to carry on largely independent operations. Like all of us, these individuals have their own personality quirks and do hokey things. Some people, having seen the KOBEHQ website, get the impression that it is a clubhouse. If you are a sick and twisted neo-fascist hate monger and you are given a relatively small budget, there is only so much you can accomplish. If the number of targets is numerous, the number of these operations will be numerous as well. When you need to recruit a large number of operatives in a short time, chances are most of them will be relatively mediocre. If you want to hide a COINTELPRO operation in plane sight, you will need to make it look like a club house. Attracting individuals willing to harass others as a hobby (a great cost cutting measure) entails presenting a format that will attract sick and twisted individuals. This is exactly why KOBEHQ features pornography.

Learn about and study the KOBE operation. I make this request not because I believe that KOBE itself is particularly important or impressive. I make this request because KOBE is a prototype of things to come. How many more KOBE like operations exist? Is it not likely that I was able to expose KOBE specifically because of my own background? How many others without backgrounds involving the issues of COINTELPRO are unaware that real operations targeting them exist? My guess is that KOBE is just one of many COINTELPRO operations currently underway.


More on John Daley

I suspect, but cannot prove, that this is a photo of John Daley:


John Daley's Home Page

John Daley Maintains This Page for the Boston Police Department Special Operations Unit

John Daley's Blog

More information can be found on John Daley by using Yahoo and Google. Investigation of the above links will yield his e-mail addresses. Try using his e-mail address as a keyword in a search.

Who runs the Boston Police Department?
Commissioner Paul Evans

How to contact the Boston Police Department:
Phone: 617 343 4200
Fax: 617 343 4481

Copyright ? 2003, Stephen DeVoy
Rights reserved as specified by following this link.

homepage: homepage: http://www.breakyourchains.org/blog/index.htm#JOHNDALEY

whoa 29.Apr.2003 22:06


Does Bobby Meade know about this?

Activist sex 29.Apr.2003 23:57

Activist Boy

Activist women give it up like there is no tomorrow. Sex is hot when your on 'the front line'. Just beware of the scabies!

Great Research! 30.Apr.2003 11:58

John Poindexter

This is great! Reminds me of how much Kroeker and Katz liked having their garbage sniffed.