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some ideas for this site

perhaps some censorship is required on this site.
Perhaps this site should be censored by the people running it. I think it might be a good idea to censor comments, not based on their pollitical ideas, but on their intellectual and social merrit. For instance, a message that reads "so and so is just a stupid f*ing moron" is completely useless. Go to a chatroom or whatever kids do to call eachother names on the internet. Maybe these posts should be deleted. Perhaps they already are to some extent, but I think it needs to be done on a bigger scale. Some contributers have vallid oppinions and information to share on here, but it is getting harder and harder to find them because of the childish name calling in a lot of the comments.
To those who label themselves, or are labelled by others as conservatives. If you state your opinions in a way that makes sense (and does not use childish language to insult people who don't agree with you) you might be able to get your point across.
To those who label themselves, or are labelled by others as liberal or radical: it doesn't do any good to sling childish insults back at the people you don't agree with. it makes you look stupid and it is making it almost impossible to find interesting opinions and information on this page.
To those who aren't labelled at all: good job, you're actually labelled by someone.
I hope that in the future I can find more lengthy statements of oppinion and information on this site. For now I find that 90% of the comments posted here consist purely of trite, childish name calling. This is a great tool to promote independent thought. please don't ruin it.
Quandary 29.Apr.2003 15:31

Maya G

How do you provide a free forum if it is censored? I agree that it is unfortunate that many of the participants are unable to use Indymedia as a place to share coherent intelligent ideas, but that is the risk taken when freedom is offered to people.

You have to take it all in stride because you can't be responsible for how people feel. The thing that saddens me is that those that impart acidic words on Indymedia are revealing how disappointed they are in the system and how impotent they actually feel.

Conservative or liberal: they wouldn't be here if they thought that all was right in America.

some thoughts 29.Apr.2003 15:43


Some imc's do have a policy of removing name calling posts. It is a possible idea but it would have to be discussed and consensed upon. If you feel strongly you should come to the general meeting to voice your opinion.

As for the rest of your post, your lumping liberal and radical in the same sentence, to me, shows a profound misunderstanding of radicalism and liberalism. Not to mention, those who would label themselves conservative these days usually aren't, just as those who label themselves liberal suaually aren't. I would say, you should have had one sentence to all, regardless of how they or others view their beliefs and ideoligies.

forum 29.Apr.2003 16:26


Is it really censorship if all that is being done is pulling those few morons who are intentionally destructive?

Regardless, as I've said before, this is one of our very few venues for real information and it should be protected.

It's not like we're saying pull information we don't agree with, what's being proposed is to pull a few recluse highschool kids, with too much time and an obvious fear of having face to face dialogue with actual people, who's obvios intent is just to muck things up.

Again the question arises, is this a news and information source, or an argument clinic.

Let the little boys go to the fox message board, or any one of thousands they can find their opinions being freely expressed on. Indymedia is one of the few progressive sources, and if you look at other indymedia boards they don't have this problem. Personally, I'm about to give up on it.

At the very least, people could stop engaging these retards.

some ideas for this site 29.Apr.2003 21:44

Trilox Woodsman

I think it really needs a color scheme overhaul. This forest service green combined with school bus yellow is really ugly. Something moody and monotone would be nice, greens and tans might be nice...

From intelligence, to wisdom....... 26.Feb.2004 10:42

The Time Sage

Censureship: There is freedom used, & freedom abused. To offer total freedom is just asking for it. Fate & nature demand laws & boundaries.
I next suggest my practice of not declaring myself a type of person, becuse within catagories like "conservative" & "liberal", there are different levels of involvement and subdivisions of specialization.
I agree, Bill.
As for color themes, unless we find the mentally inspiring cor combo, for the variety of people & interests, it should be neutral--- grey perhaps. I know... we all want something that lift up our individuality.
Now, some of my own before I go:
(I recently sent this to a friend.)
Ah...........here we go.
The guild of guides also expects precise questions and requests. I think that it's the imperfections that I've found in them. (If they were perfect, they wouldn't be here,, except if they were advanced enough, they would make us change instead of trying to coherse us. An answer finally got from them I will share with you.
The condition of the rules & characters we are amongst distractively saturate us like rain & wind; Distract us from our basic abilities: (metaphorically,) Get out of the rain, or cover yourself. Create what you need for security & peace of mind. You ARE strong, you ARE talented & resourceful, and you have the ability to learn where you fall short.
This wisdom is practiced by nature. It is not always successful, so you need to be wise, open-minded for resourcefullness, patient, & persistant.
"The tree in any part of its youth (as a sapling, or its young leaves & branches when old,) bends with the wind, and grows back promptly & persistently when damaged. When it faces adversity, it adapts; It grows tall when it needs more light, short & conservative when water & nutrients lack, it grows back faster & with better defenses when damaged often, and sets root in the direction of an overbearing wind - feeling its way through the ground for where it can take hold - and grows there for strength, or nurishment, for expression of its true self.
THAT is a trick unique to Humans: Unlike trees that only grow on what's good for them & either store or disguard the rest, WE absorb everything!!! DON'T. That mistake will cause you to be who you are not. Look at who you originally were! Visualize who you (realistically) might have been if you were nurtured & disciplined divinely!
Do you know what? In most ways you have the ability to change into that person! Even if you don't accomplish that, by being aware of whome your healthiest & most wholesome self is, you would have reshaped your soul (or: etherial body, spirit, etc.), wich will carry it on therafter, making it more likely to manifest later (on the other side, or even in another life)! Keep pernament the sense of reality and maturity you life experience has given you as the tree makes strong trunk & branches of what it loves. And reclaim the "you" you have missed being!
So, with the patience & persistence of a tree, change your enviroment, self if needed, and the people around you. You can change most people for the better. Many of them are the monsters, tyrants, & idiots they are because they did not grow up under all of the right conditions with the right nurturing!!! Change the influence you portray to them & you could change them! Show them their own souls.
May wisdom & grace adopt you as fire does grass - but without burning out.
With soulfull love: the Time Sage