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Montana Endangered Forests Action Camp

Forest Activist/Campaigner Training
Western Montana - June 22nd - 28th , 2003

Endangered Forests, Endangered Freedoms
Endangered Forests, Endangered Freedoms

Forest Activist/Campaigner Training
Western Montana - June 22nd - 28th , 2003

Since day one, the Bush Administration has aggressively pursued a strategy to increase logging and resource extraction on America's national forests. The Bush Administration has tried to make good on this goal by hand-picking former timber industry lobbyist Mark Rey to oversee the Forest Service or systematically dismantling landmark environmental laws to short-circuit public participation. The Bush Administration's bottom line is clear: Do whatever it takes to increase logging and resource extraction on our national forests and cut the public out of the political process.

In light of these unprecedented threats to our public lands, veteran forest activists will be conducting training in western Montana for forest activists/campaigners seeking to protect America's endangered national forests and wildlands.

The training will take place in beautiful western Montana near the route traveled 200 years ago by the Lewis and Clark expedition and adjacent to the largest national wilderness complex in the lower 48 states. Montana also holds significant populations of the last 1% of Grizzly Bear habitat left in the lower 48 states. The area is home to one of the largest and most controversial timber sales in the country - the Bitterroot National Forest's "burned area recovery plan". The Bitterroot Valley gained international attention for the fires during the summer of 2000.

Come to Montana this summer and learn skills needed to
Protect Our National Forests and Wildlands!

The training is committed to non violent tactics and strategies. Sessions will teach skills in non violence, media, campaign strategies, various civil disobedience skills, grassroots organizing, and other workshops designed to allow activists to gain skills and build capacity to protect forest and wildlands in communities around the country.
The training will:
1. Be open to all who apply regardless of experience.
2. Be free in cost to any applicant accepted to the training. All meals will be provided.
All attending the training will have to provide their own transportation to the camp, and bring camping accommodations.

We will be accepting applicants from now through June 1st, 2003, or until camp is filled. Please send your applications as soon as possible. All applicants are strongly encouraged to send their applications now. We also strongly encourage groups of folks from particular bio-regions/endangered & threatened national forests to apply and come to camp together to build sets of skills in your bioregion.

This training is hosted by Mike Roselle (Founder: Earth First!, and The Ruckus Society) and organized by JR Roof, with sponorship by National Forest Protection Alliance (NFPA) and Greenpeace.

APPLICATION - Due June 1st, 2003

Greetings. We are interested in learning about your experiences and background in activism and forest protection. Answer the questions as best as you are able. The camp will benefit from a wide variety perspectives and ranges of experience. Primarily we are looking for people committed to protecting our Endangered Forests - We look forward to working together. Thanks for your time!

1. Name__________________________ Email_____________________

Mailing Address_______________________________________________

Permanent Mailing Address______________________________________


Are you affiliated with an organization? Who? ________________________

Please indicate your diet:
Can't tolerate a vegetarian diet for a week___

1. How did you hear about this training?

2. Please describe your experiences and/or knowledge regarding peaceful, non violent direct action

3. What is your activist experience? Please reference any experience with forest issues.

4. Have you attended any related trainings? What were they?

5. Describe the most powerful direct action you've been witness to. Why was it so powerful?

6. What do you hope to learn from and contribute to the camp? Please be a specific as possible.

7. How will you use what you learn at the camp when you go home?

8. Are there any medical, dietary or other needs you may have?

9. Please rank in order of greatest to least interest the following skill courses:
_____ Organizing
_____ Fieldcraft/orienteering
_____ Climbing (tree occupations)
_____ Blockades
_____ Electronic Communications
_____ Media
_____ Non Violence

10. Are you planning on attending this training with other forest activists and colleagues from your region? We are encouraging teams of people to come representing different forest regions.

11. Please list two references.

If returning by US Post please return application to: NFPA Forest Training, PO Box 8251, Missoula, Montana 59802. Or by emai/electronically to: JR Roof -  jr@wildrockies.org  http://www.greenpeaceusa.org/forests

For further information/questions and application process contact:
~ JR Roof @  jr@wildrockies.org
~ NFPA office in Missoula, Montana (406) 542 7565
~  http://www.greenpeaceusa.org/forests
~ www.forestadvocate.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.greenpeaceusa.org/forests