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Heads UP: $1,000 reward from PDX Police/Crime Stoppers for Protestors

This article was sent to my office from The Fax Times. It was published on Monday, April 28, 2003. They're offering an award for info that will lead to the arrest of protestors from the Steel Bridge incident on M20. Please be careful, everyone. These bastards are after us all! On the website, you can see a photo on a kid that they have singled out. If you can't open the story on the website, email me and I will shoot you a copy.
The article's entire text: "Crime Stoppers: Portland Police are releasing photos and asking for help in identifying the individuals pictured. On March 20, 2003, at 6:00 pm, a splinter group of protestors, marching behind 2 large signs that read 'ALL BETS ARE OFF' & 'SHUT IT DOWN' went up a west ramp of the Steel Bridge and confronted police. In the group of protestors was an individual carrying a cardboard sign that read 'CAPITALISM KILLS.' Inside the cardboard sign, as it was later learned, was a bat that was used to strike an officer in the head. The officer required ten stitches to close the wound. CS (CrimeStoppers) is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for info., reported to CS, that leads to an arrest in this case. You need not give your name. Call (503) 823-HELP (4357). See Crimestoppers at www.TheFaxTimes.com"

homepage: homepage: http://www.TheFaxTimes.com

Help me call! 29.Apr.2003 10:55

Thanks, A R

I want to call that line right away. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know the name and/or badge number of the officer who struck a high school student in the head on that bridge? The student had to go to the hospital, and I believe required 11 stitches to close the wound. I need to get that officer's identification in order to report him to crime stoppers, as I'm very sure this "justice" organization will be interested in bringing the officer to justice.

Also, can anyone help me identify the officers who unleashed pepper spray into the crowd? I understand that's a crime, at least according to Oregon Revised Statutes which call that "assault."

Please respond as soon as possible, because I could use the $1000, and I think we could all use a little "justice."

you break the law, dont be surprised w/ force 29.Apr.2003 13:25

mike h

f'ing apologists here are pathetic

there were 4-5 officers, who were stormed violently on the bridge, and you all act surprised about the response.

When you push through officers, pushing up against their cars, and knocking over a motorcycle, the police are NOT going to hesitate to use deadly force to supress an obviously very unruly crowd (photos and video CLEARLY show that the protesters were the antagonists in this confrontation).

Break the law, assaulting officers, is gonna get you the response you will always regret.

If you F'heads block traffic May 1st, I will run your a$$ over, plain and simple.

To mike h 29.Apr.2003 13:42


That sounds like a threat, chum(p). Not only that, but it sounds like you are afraid of confronting the 'pathetic f'ing apologists' face to face, but instead plan to attack unarmed people with a deadly weapon, while hiding inside that weapon. You must be a GI, or you should be. Ship out jackass!

so mikey h 29.Apr.2003 14:19

is that a threat?

anyone have his contact info? let's send the nazi's over and bust him for threatening people.

hey mike h 29.Apr.2003 15:17


Well it looks like some of us carry bats around sometimes, so if you try that chickenshit nonsense don't be surprised if someone takes out the windshield of your SUV or worse!

Mike, Sweety 30.Apr.2003 00:42

Pinga Rex

Sorry guys. Mikey gets carried away. He wasn't anywhere near the Steel Bridge that day. He was in the back of my el Camino giving up that sweet booty.

Joke? 30.Apr.2003 00:57


The fax times is a joke web site, isn't it? My favorite crime stoppers case is #01-42: fraudulent ID, no name given, no photo available.

Which bastards are after us all? The police? Protesters? Crime stoppers? Trolls? Bad web sites?

Apology 30.Apr.2003 09:16

mike h

I didn't mean to be such a pathetic ass. I forgot to take my medications yesterday, and the brainwashing bullshit on TV finally just got to me. Even though, if I had used my own eyes, I could clearly have seen that the protesters were not misbehaving in any way, I swallowed the corporate spin hook, line, and sinker.

Also, I don't really have a car to run anyone down with, because my mom took the keys away after the last time I threatened people's lives for making me late to McDonalds.

Maybe if I didn't live off corporate junk food from McDs and other exploitive poison factories, I would be able to think more clearly and would not require medication to prevent me from making an ass out of myself.

hahahaha .. imposter 30.Apr.2003 09:38

mike h (real)

Ummmm, Cameras DONT lie

the cameras on, and above the bridge, dont tell lies

what we all saw on TV, was happening for real, and it was an attack on Portland Police officers, plain and simple.

TO NOT expect to get the shit beaten out of you, is just plain ignorant.

Funny how one of you above, wants to send the police to get me.

F'ing Hypocrites

Oops! it happened again 30.Apr.2003 10:13

mike h

Wow! A couple for McD fries with their "secret ingredient" and suddenly I had another outburst. You'll have to bear with me. This just keeps happening. I'm not always a pointless jerk. Just most of the time. The rest of the time, I'm mesmerized by corporate media and eating anti-psychotics like candy. I'm very well behaved at those times. If this happens again, please just ignore me.

Cameras don't lie 30.Apr.2003 13:30


It's true
Cameras don't lie
Cameras don't lie

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Marianne Cascio m.cascio2@verizon.net

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