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The IWW Gives You the World

A brief summary of the IWW's May Day plans

Don't feel comfortable bringing your youngun to the march? The IWW will provide childcare at the hall (616 E Burnside) starting at 1pm.

Feeder March:

Fellow and Sister Workers & Friends of the IWW are invited to march with us from the IWW Hall (616 E Burnside) at 3pm to the North Park Blocks. Red & black clothing (or your Sunday best) is encouraged.

Jail Support:

Even though the march is permitted, you can't be too careful. The IWW has arrange to provide Jail Support. The phone number will be made available on the day of the march.

After March Reception:

After the march, join the IWW for snacks and beverages at the Hall (616 E Burnside) starting at 7:30pm.
Die Internationale 29.Apr.2003 13:19


Und jetzt f?r eine Tansmusik!
Die Internationale
Die Internationale

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Free Speech for Sale? 30.Apr.2003 10:54

Labor Rad

I plan to be at the IWW feeder, but I just have one question. When you say the march is permitted, do you mean the IWW march? Or the march it's supposed to be feeding? Because I don't want to march in a corral.