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George and Julius Tour the West

Hello and greetings from George and Julius
George and Julius Tour the West
George and Julius Tour the West
Hello and greetings from George and Julius, NYC-based singers and songwriters.

In This First Report:
2. WEST COAST TOUR 5/2- 5/10

This is George Mann giving you an update on the wanderings and workings of my ongoing collaborations with Julius Margolin, sometimes referred to as "Young and Younger" and mostly "those guys." Julius keeps on ticking, we keep an eye on him, but he loves traveling and he's been getting around just fine. He's not a very happy man right now, what with what's going on in Bush's new world order, but Julius is extremely resilient and he has a reason for everything he does, so I'm excited to be pushing a new album and gigging steadily through the next few months with him.

We have some good news below and we hope that you will feel free to contact us, give us your good news, or spread important information. In this corporate media age, we need as much alternative and world-news as possible to understand what's going on with our government and our country.


Our new album, "Just A Few Bad Apples," is done! Fourteen new and old songs from a wonderful series of recording sessions at Paris Studios in Long Island and Loho Studios in Lower Manhattan. I can't tell you how much joy there was in the making of this album, and both Julius and I are so happy with the way our friends came together to make the songs sound so sweet. We are getting it out there and you can listen to clips from the CD, or get ordering information, at our website,  http://www.georgeandjulius.com

If you know of any friendly DJ, local music critic or labor writer who might be interested, I hope you will let us know, just send us some contact info. Thanks!

You can also check the new CD out (audio and info) and purchase it online at:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/georgeandjulius3 or

The friends and co-conspirators playing and singing on this album include our core band of Al Podber, Marty Confurius and Scott Supeck, with guest vocal appearances by Anne Feeney, Joe Jencks, and Myriam Valle. Also featured is the wonderful pianist David Easton. We have MP3's and streaming RealAudio on all the above websites.


Julius and George are tramping through Bellingham and Seattle, WA, Portland and Ashland, OR, Ukiah and San Francisco, CA beginning May 2. Doing some concerts and coffeehouses. Here's the itinerary; if you know anyone in these areas, we'd appreciate you passing the word on, or coming down yourself if you're on the West Coast.

Fri., May 2 Stuart's Coffeehouse, 1302 Bay Street, Bellingham, WA
8 & 9 PM Sets

Sat., May 3 Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1708 I Street, Concert at 8 PM

Sun., May 4 Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Service, 1708 I St., 11 AM
Guest musicians doing a few songs prior to and during the service

Sun. May 4 University Unitarian Church, 6556 35th Ave. NE, Seattle, 7-9 PM
Benefit Concert for Washington Jobs with Justice!

Tue., May 6 Concert with General Strike, A Benefit for the IWW Hall,
616 East Burnside Street, Portland
7:30 PM-10 PM

Wed., May 7 EVO's Java House, 7-9 PM
365 East Main St., Ashland, OR

Fri., May 9 Concert, Unity Church, 7:30 PM
Corner of Bush & Henry Streets, Ukiah, CA

Sat., May 10 First Unitarian Universalist Society, 8 PM
Concert with CAMINANTE
(Liliana, Rafael, and Francisco Herrera)
1877 Franklin Street at Geary, San Francisco

All events are by donation, the two benefit concerts have a more strongly "suggested" donation of $5-$10, but our policy is always to let everyone in who wants to listen.

3. MAY/JUNE CBGB's AND LONG ISLAND GIGS: After we return from the west coast, we'll be keeping busy. These are confirmed:

Sunday, May 18 at 8 PM, CBGB's Gallery, Bowery, NYC. One 50-minute set at the "CBGB's Gallery," the acoustic venue located next store to the famous punk club. Come see Julius in leather and chains... (just kidding). Performing with Al Podber for sure...

Monday, June 2 Online Radio spot, 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM, WUSB Stony Brook, with host Mort Mecklosky. Listen online at  http://www.wusb.org to a good hour of our songs and political bantering with our friend Mort.

Saturday, June 7 at 8 PM, Concert, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stony Brook, with special guest TBA. Nicolls Road, Stony Brook, LI. A spring homecoming to our favorite old haunt.

Saturday, June 28 at 7 PM, Benefit Concert for South Country Peace Group, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bellport, 51 Browns Lane.

Thursday, July 3 at 7 PM, Autumn Leaves Bookstore and Cafe, 115 The Commons, Ithaca. Two sets here at a nice, warm place.

We wish you peace and urge you to stay involved, write letters, sign petitions, attend rallies, and REGISTER TO VOTE (if any of ye ain't yet... ). Hope to see you if we're coming near you.

Thanks for your time and support. George and Julius

homepage: homepage: http://www.georgeandjulius.com

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It appears that the mp3 did not attach the first time, so here's another attempt.
MP3 for George and Julius Tour the West
MP3 for George and Julius Tour the West

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OK, the downloads seem to taking a break for a bit, so if y'all are interested in what George and Julius sound like, just go to one of above sites. There you'll find some sample sounds. Sorry.