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Bush Nazi Salvation by B. Meade

Save your dummkopfs?
Preview to this article was stolen in its entirety yesterday from the comment section of my last Global IMC post.

My Daddy said that the Godforsaken dummkopf Nazi, Bush Daddy complains that I have made it so Bush Daddy could never do anything because Bush Daddy has probably never done anything; however Bush Daddy continues to "run his mouth" as if he was in a race to do away with himself and all of his followers(Prov. 1:18; 12:13; 17:20). Bush Daddy claims that 100,000s of people are coming to camp along the Dryden-Ithaca corridor for 1.) the Practice March of the Army of the Lord(198448), 2.) the Eamon McEneaney Immortalization March(313270PS), and/or a "front-row seat" to watch New York State build Route 13 in a "day"(221527). Bush Daddy claims that the big eagle that landed in my spruce trees the other night was a sign that it was time to bring down those infernal Eagle stealth helicoptors that have been terrorizing the public; but not before they drop Bush Daddy off in Dryden(194653 & 241840). I am sure that people are wondering what they can do to assure that Bush Daddy gathers the biggest crop of living or dead Bush Nazis since Nuremberg(228238). Although these Bush Nazis might find salvation on the Path That Leads To Life in Hooterville(231491), many Bush Nazis would apparently prefer to die as Sarah and Jennifer did as a "quick fix" to becoming One of His Holy Ones. How are people going to get the Bush Nazis to hold still in order to cut their heads off as proof that they died as Sarah and Jennifer did(Ez. 39:23; 93509)?

Since the in-your-face Creative NonViolent ploy of the crime-flaunting Bush Nazis is to let you beat their face as proof that you had opposed them(33468 & 303566), Bush Daddy claims that people have been threatening to beat the Bush Nazis with a baseball bat in one hand while concealing a machete that they use to lop their heads off in the other hand(Matt. 26:52; 44378). That sounds like some pretty fancy sword play worthy of filming for "Bush Daddy Productions"(187927). Don't forget that there is no point in talking to the dummkopf Bush Nazis because you will either end up supporting dummkopf criminality or you will make yourself prey by turning away from dummkopf criminality(Prov. 26:4; Is. 59:15). Since their worm does not die(Matt. 9:44; 206845), the heads of these Bush Nazis will bear their shame until the Lord pleads their cause and has mercy on all of the Israelites(Mic. 7:9; Ez. 36:8). It remains to be seen if the entire Ivy League was formed to play a role in making manifest the Zionist aspirations of the Bush Nazis so that the fool would be called noble no more(Is. 32:5). Ask the Bear Lord if he could have sworn to himself that this was true.

PS: 4/26/03 I found a 2002 Directory of Cornell Alumni that must have a reaction to the continuing "Education of Fools"(79546). I also found a phone number for myself when I have no phone; thus it must be another "pit" or "snare" of the dummkopf Bush Nazis(199656). The phone that they have listed for me is (607) 387-5510, which I suspect is in Trumansburg. Hopefully there is Caller ID to track everyone who has ever called that number to see what it was about... 4/27/03 - Will the Ivy League, the best of the brightest and the brightest of the best, be able to deliver all of the dummkopf Bush Nazi Hitlerites who were too stupid to know their own criminality? Salvation that is worthy of Ivy League sanction has been provided for every step of the way. When all is said and done, I want to see not one Bush Nazi left around here, trying to stop Bob from doing nothing. The solution for my bogus telephone number is probably to leave a message for "Bob" to meet you at a place where the scheming Bush Nazis can be entrapped and end up in Hooterville. This business of saving Bush Nazis is the only way to deal with those who pretend to be too stupid to know. They "hoodwinked the world" at Nuremberg, and we have been paying for it ever since. 4/28/03 - I spent half the day trying to contact Cornell Alumni, Florence Clark, who I suspect is the last legal owner of my property. Well I tried three different deaf relay services and dialed a busy signal every time except for the first time. Since the bogus real estate management companies prefer to have listed landlords who cannot be contacted, I suspect that my listed landlord, Elayne Zorn never really owned that house. The superb landscaping at my house was probably the work of Florence Clark since she was living there in the early 70s. I suspect that Ms. Clark, who now goes by a different name, is who Clark Laboratory is named after up at Cornell; and I believe that I met her during my previous residences in Tompkins County. The Bush Nazis pride themselves so much on being able to stop me from contacting people that I was getting a busy signal for the area code every single time that I dialed her number. I suspect that she would love to own this house again since it has been rented out in a criminal manner probably since she moved out more than 25 years ago. There are probably no legal liens on the property, and the landscaping is so good that it is worth taking care of it for free. What I was originally looking into was Tenant-Ownership, but this town is so lawless that it would probably not be possible to make such an arrangement work. Whatever the case, it has come to the point where probably one of the best ways to prove that the Bush Nazis are criminal is to burn them out of their houses and let them try to collect insurance when the insurance companies learn that they are confessed criminals who were burned out because of their crimes. As for the leaders of the Bush Nazis, does Vestal Hills think that Nicholas Exarchou is too stupid to know that he was a Nazi War Criminal? Do they believe that those like Nicky who were in the Judenrats were doing good things for the Jews who they were having slaughtered? Tell me if you know. Don't forget that it is not worth talking to the dummkopf Bush Nazis at all!!!!!

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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... or saner than the rest of the world, but I love you Bobby Meade! Just because you're you!