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After Marching in the streets come celebrate Mayday at Liberty Hall!
2:30 pm - Gathering/Speakers
4:30 pm - March

And Later in in the evening at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy)8PM

Bands: Skeleton Coast
Mustapha MOnd
Chased and Smashed
and spoken word by Laurie

Plus tables, food, films and revolution.

Also the release party for Little Beirut three (biggest issue yet!)

Love and Revolution- Portland Anti Capitalist Action
a select few only 30.Apr.2003 06:56

older activist

you forgot to mention that anyone over the age of, say, twenty, isn'y really welcome in your "revolutionary movement".

to older activist 30.Apr.2003 17:59


i'm sorry you feel that way. there's is an element of exclusivness in the scene, but to prove that you're more than welcome i suggest you to come and be involved. it's not true that we are all under 20 ( although those of that age comprise a large percent), yet there are so many older activist there that help to inspire the younger. please come and share your wisdom.

Welcome? 01.May.2003 07:39


Is this gathering at north blok parks?
and i WAS gonna go until i read the under 20 remark.. so... iz it really like that?

WHAT???? 01.May.2003 09:33


Okay, Most of the folks I know in on this stuff are not under 20. i see alot of folks in that age gap but i see the majority in their 20s in college. I actually go to these events with people who are half in thier thirties and half in their twenties most of the time. However, I did hear about folks giving the cold shoulder to someone in thier fifties or somethin at a rally. This bothered me dramatically because I am always SOOOOO FRICKIN excited to see people older than me (especially white haired old ladies). i think this kind of prejudice would be reduced if more older folks came to events besides just rallies. It is harder for alot of people to be inclusive with people they have never seen before. A good friend of mine was cold shouldered out of an affinity group that I am semi-familiar with at recent rallies, until she was seen as "with me" even though they had met her before. Stuff just gets weird with security I am personally apoligetic for anyone who has experienced this type of crap, but I won't exclude you.

Open TO ALL!!!!!! 01.May.2003 11:02


We do not intend take part in messy dialogue that makes accusations about events or things by people we don't exactly know.

However, The event tonight is OPEN TO ALL FOLKS!!

Assumptions about our ages or that we are ageist are just that: assumptions.

May Day is one of our few days reclaimed to celebrate our struggles as a people and reflect on our commonalities and solidarity.

We are many of a spectrum. Exclusion may be inherent in a scene or clique, But May DAY is not a scene or a clique.

And neither is the massive community of those who oppose the relentless assault of capitalism on our lives in our work, our homes, our relationships, and our society.

If you have issues with Little Beirut or Portland Anti-Capitalist Action, Please feel free to contact us directly regarding your perceptions, views, comments, concerns, etc...

We look forward to hearing from everyone involved in the struggle and do not feel that folks should use indymedia in way that openly discourages people from participating in events.

Love And Revolutuion-
Portland Anti-Capitalist Action

You got the when but you forgot the where 01.May.2003 11:48


you got the when but where? I'm from Salem. I have to go portland to protest coz everyone here is too conformed. screw it Ill just look for the blood and guts on the streets. viva la revolucion!