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T-Mobile Hires Union Busting Consultants

Facing a unionization vote in Britain, T-Mobile has hired a union-busting consulting firm, The Burke Group. If you are considering purchasing mobile phone service please choose another company, but also call T-Mobile and tell them why you are doing so. If you now have mobile phone service through T-Mobile, please consider switching companies when your contract is up, but call them now and tell them why. Globalize Resistence!

T-Mobile fights UK union bid

By Drew Cullen
Posted: 28/04/2003 at 13:47 GMT
from The Register

T-Mobile has hired "union avoidance labor consultants" The Burke Group to fight a union recognition vote in the UK.

The Burke Group claims a 96 per cent strike rate in fighting 700 union recognition campaigns, although it's hit list is entirely American.

The Communications Workers Union has been recruiting among T-Mobile's 6,500 UK employees - 4,000 in call centres for 18 month. A ballot to establish union negotiating rights started last week and closes on May 9.

So will its imported union buster create "unbearable havoc" in the run-up to the deadline? Calling all T-Mobile staff: tell us what's going on, but remember to vote first.

A T-Mobile spokesman told the Financial Mail on Sunday. We're not anti-union but we do have issues with collective bargaining."

Oh really? So what about Germany, where, as FMOS notes, several union officials are on the supervisory board of Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile's parent company.

So why is sauce for the German goose poison for the UK gander?
We need a union 08.Jan.2004 13:15


We need a union in T-Mobile USA