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Save this website

This site is open and it is infiltrated, BIG TIME. Not just the police monitering-as admitted in the willamette weekly,but the recently re-legalized cointelpro is in full affect here and I am of course able to give examples. First let me say that I only have ideas on solutions I require and desire to have a meeting of activists and community members that is NOT announced on this site where we discuss tactics and methods with which to SAVE this site.
Anyone who knows the truth and has done any research on cointelpro or any other bold examples of how this nation deals with those who wish to change this current system of AMERIKAN DECADENCE. I know that from that extremly reactionary counterproductive and, straight out BULLshit of an article in the W.W that people are afraid of the power of this site, therefore it is subject to silencing. Right now I see the good old DIVIDE and conqueor method. You read something and then you here that it's bull shit or that we need baths or that Rach C got what was comin' to her cause she was meesn' around in gods zoo the middle east, whether it is the MAN or a sleeping tool of the man it is still out to kill this organizing tool. We live in a world totalitarion government based on money power and greed. Everyone is kept far away from assembling organizing or even creativity. Everyone is BORED. The process that creates this boredom that we see in this capitalist nightmare is an form of brain washing of the working class. Someone who is bored is asleep and someone who is asleep will not say NO. It is also a fear based society people don't love this country so much they are afraid of what this country will do to them. Those robo cop uniforms look that way for a reason and it aint protection(they have all the guns. You will never see a riot of armed individuals capitalism is too well protected for that. We have humor education and compassion those are our weapons. Along with strenth and numbers. We just need to wake the fuck up. Lets have a meeting sign folks up that we know are not agents of capitalism and make this site for the people again, cause right know it is a TOOL for them to destroy us. I will not see this movement die, I see the volunteers out in the streets protecting my ass at every demo I attend making sure there is light on us all. They fear that EXPOSURE. Right after they been running all those vids that show you what the lens saw. That is when this shit started. The news and the advertizments on the news can not be distinguised between. Total BULLSHIT designed to keep you far away from assembling organizing and changing what must be changed. Support this site don't let it die. Here's one example of some cointelpro I have witnessed on this site. After the critical mass MARCH ride where we were totally divided and conquered from the start some folks re-grouped at the square where some folks got together and decided to have a tactics discussion meeting about future rides and NOT ANNOUNCE it on this site which is read by police as THE HOT SHEETS. I browse this thing 2 days later and low and behold it reads- I was the guy organizing the tactics meeting at the square it's date and location have changed it is now at blah blah. Someone else posts what the shit you said not to post it on this site, and yet another post sez I know I did the origanal place and time is still on. By then it was fucked and I know one who was too scared to show and the meeting NEVER HAPPENED. Power to the people who have compassion and love.
Fight COINTELPRO by fighting KOBE. 29.Apr.2003 05:47

Jane Doe

Activists should hound and shutdown all websites that represent the clubs of COINTELPRO. COINTELPRO is not simply a bunch of Government agents harassing the left. It is a cadre of recruits taken from groups like KOBE and the Free Republic. We cannot remain merely defensive. We must aggress against the aggressors. These two websites are the club houses of the aggressors:



Take the war to enemy territory.