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What does po-po mean?

What does po-po mean?
What does po-po mean? Does it refer specifically to POrtland POlice or to cops in general? Where did the term originate?

I'm serious.

I don't know. 28.Apr.2003 23:14


People on this site normally say it just refers to police in general. Sort of a childish diminuitive, but to each their own.

Listen... 28.Apr.2003 23:39

Trilox Woodsman

If you were more racially sensitive and listened to more than K.D. Lang you would realize that it is a term for police used in gangsta rap songs...

who listens to kd lang?? 29.Apr.2003 00:27



duh! 29.Apr.2003 01:35

heffro tull

Portland Oregon Police Officer

Chatty Cathy 29.Apr.2003 07:29


Thank God somebody finally asked. I've wondered about that term for weeks. It was obvious from context what it meant, but I hadn't a clue as to where it originated.

I've thought of asking, as you did. Considering some of the snotty, condescending responses you've gotten, I'm glad I didn't. I'm sorry you've been dumped on for asking a simple question.

I swear, some folks on this site eat their young.

what about? 29.Apr.2003 07:45


what about the terms freddie and, er, some other term that i cant remember right now? they stand for the timber police, but why the word freddie and, er, the other term?

Some folks on this site eat their young. 29.Apr.2003 08:08


True. The COINTELPRO trolls.

One of my favorite 29.Apr.2003 08:49


One of my favorite terms has always been "crummy", refering to the bus driving timber workers to and from logging sites. It probably makes sense if you consider those roads and what any vehicle would look like after driving them for awhile ... but it still sounds kind of silly.

While we're at it ... 29.Apr.2003 08:53


What does COINTELPRO stand for ... I presume it's an acronym, but for what?

po po tray 29.Apr.2003 09:20

lighten up

are Chinese appetizers.

cointelpro 29.Apr.2003 09:51


cointelpro--a counter-intelligence program set up by the governement targeting activists. i'm reading a book on it right now. supposedly the govt. did all sorts of nasty things like try to blackmail MLK into killing himself.

good book, i recommend it. by ward churchill (i think) called "the cointelpro papers"

freeper 29.Apr.2003 09:53


freeper! that's it! what does that mean?

freeper and freddie 29.Apr.2003 10:20


freeper: unwashed denizen of  http://www.freerepublic.com

freddie: forest service cops

One More... 29.Apr.2003 11:08

I Want Answers

LOL? (love it or leave it?)

hmm... I've been told 29.Apr.2003 11:39


it means Laughing Out Loud.

IMO means In My Opinion

IMHO mean In My Humble Opinion

Careful now ... 29.Apr.2003 12:54


LOL also means 'lot's of love' ...

You want to be careful of your context. Avoid using the wrong LOL for the circumstances ... <vbg>

Anyone know? 29.Apr.2003 13:28

Trilox Woodsman

JBT... Anyone know what that one is? heh heh... you will soon enough...

trilox, you're so sad 29.Apr.2003 14:21


go get a real job.

shaw right 29.Apr.2003 22:18

Troll #13

Shaw right. Like any of the Indy Faithful have worked a day in their unwashed lives.

go away sad little troll 29.Apr.2003 23:01


just because you have no skills, don't project that on indymedia people. do something with your life.

your fin dumb dude 06.Oct.2005 15:23

me nigga

Po-po... as in PO lice its not that hard black people started it so its not very hard 2 understand