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Stop John Ashcroft: Support Death with Dignity

mobilizing a show of support for the oregon death with dignity law
Stop John Ashcroft: Support Death with Dignity
Stop John Ashcroft: Support Death with Dignity

May 7, 2003

Where: Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse Steps, 1000 SW 3rd Avenue.
Downtown Portland at the corner of 3rd and Salmon.

When: Wednesday, May 7, 2003. Please arrive shortly before 11 AM.
The event should last approximately 1 hour.

Why: Ashcroft is still attacking Oregon's Death with Dignity Law! Oral argument in the Oregon v. Ashcroft case will be heard Wednesday May 7, 2003, at 9:00 a.m., in the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, in downtown Portland, OR, by a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. THIS IS THE LAST STOP BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT! There will be a national media frenzy! It is incredibly important that you show up for this to send a message to the nation. Oregonians have voted for Death with Dignity, Death with Dignity is working, and Ashcroft wants to shut it down.

The Ninth Circuit will consider an appeal of the decision rendered in April 2002 by Federal District Court Judge Robert E. Jones. His decision stated that Attorney General John Ashcroft couldn't overturn Oregon's Death with Dignity law. Portland Attorney and ODWD Board President Eli Stutsman represents DEA registrants, physicians and pharmacists, in the case and works closely with attorneys from the State of Oregon and Compassion In Dying who represent the state's interests and patients, respectively.

This is not a rally or a protest. We will be a silent, sign-carrying presence.
The single, unified message is that we support the death with dignity law and John Ashcroft needs to "Respect the Will of the People."

The hearing itself will be brief. Our case will be heard around 10 AM and it is estimated that it will conclude by 11:20 AM. The courtroom is small and cannot accommodate large groups; so we are making our show of support outside the courthouse.
Supporters: We will be a sign-carrying, non-chanting presence, gathered to express our message for John Ashcroft to Back Off. We will provide signs; please let us know if you would like to help make them.
We do expect that there will be opponents of death with dignity at the courthouse. It is our hope that we can avoid engaging with them and we will do our best to avoid any conflict.
After the hearing the media and lawyers will collect on the courthouse steps. The lawyers will individually address the media in the order in which they spoke in the courtroom. It is important that all of us are respectful while they speak. They are the voices of our movement!

Please contact Loren or Heidi at ODWD at 503-228-4415 if you plan on attending so we can count on your presence to send a message. Thank you!

flyer attached
Better be careful... 28.Apr.2003 22:01

Trilox Woodsman

Better think about "Death with Dignity" a little bit more. Better put two and two together. Maybe its a government plot to get rid of "useless eaters" and old sick people is just the beginning. Better be careful with this one folks...

Got to agree 29.Apr.2003 02:44


I've got to agree... not that it is a government conspiracy, but that some people are pushing this for the wrong reasons. And we'd better be careful. Think this through thoroughly, and not emotionally.

It could be some people's answer to the social security crisis that is looming... a remedy that won't threaten health care costs... If you can't afford it, you can just die...

There's a lot more to this than dignity and rights.

Ashcroft Relishes Death 29.Apr.2003 08:07

Grim Freeper

Just not with dignity...