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Liberty Dollars

Are you still using Federal Reserve Notes? Concerned about your money and the market? So are thousands of Americans just like you, and they've found the solution: The Liberty Dollar - inflation-proof currency owned by the people, not the Federal Reserve.
Liberty Dollars
Liberty Dollars

The Liberty Dollar
America's inflation-proof currency
100% backed and redeemable in gold & silver

It's real money, better than Federal Reserve Notes! Just as FedEx brought competition to and improved the U.S. Postal Service, NORFED brings competition to America's most basic economic unit, its currency.

NORFED, a national non-profit organization, offers a simple, fun, and legal solution to the problem of the Federal Reserve's inflationary currency: Just stop using their money and start using The Liberty Dollar. Help return America to value, one dollar at a time.
cyberspace free market theory? 28.Apr.2003 19:14


In theory, this is a great idea. In practice, I'm not so sure. Here's why:

Traditionally (that is for the last 5 to 10 years of the e-commerce age), "imitators" have a very slim chance of dominating even a small share of its market. Take PayPal for instance. Competitors such as e-Count, AnyPay.com and others are virtually unheard of for most people. eBay dominates almost the entirety of online auctioning. Amazon.com and BN.com dominate the bookstore business online (the latter could only because of its "prestige" as a brick-and-morter book empire).

The reason why, seemingly, is in cyberspace marketing has become a word association game of some sorts. For example: auction=ebay, books=amazon, online payment=paypal, and so forth.

In the fields of online gold- and silver-exchange, there has been e-gold.com for about five years.

For a business such as payment systems, stability and universality are something I'd look for. It would be dumb if no one (or very few) accepts your Liberty Dollar, and it would be even dumber if the company goes kaput in a year (like a lot of .coms did).

So convince me.


Good idea? 28.Apr.2003 21:14


Is it really such a good idea? I'm kind of curious as to the economic implications of competing currencies... I am not hostile to the "federal reserve note", but the idea of the Liberty Dollar seems interesting. Can anyone enlighten me on the subject?

local alternative... 28.Apr.2003 21:18

see here

check out the local currency used by some in the bay area: