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RALLY FOR MIKE HAWASH--Tues. 4/29 8:30am, Federal Courthouse

Support rally for Mike Hawash (former Intel employee held without charge for over 5 weeks and now charged with "terrorism.")
8:30 AM (Please start arriving by 8:15am)
There is a support rally for Mike Hawash (former Intel
employee detained by the FBI for over 5 weeks without
any charge) Tuesday, April 29 at 8:30am at the federal
courthouse. When this rally was originally planned,
it was believed Mike had his next court hearing coming
up at this time. The latest news in Mike's case as of
today is that he has finally been arrested and charged
with a crime--he has been named in the so-called
"Portland Six" case, in which six Portlanders have
been accused of conspiring to go to Afghanistan to
fight for the Taliban. (Please see separate post on the newswire for links to stories on the Hawash arrest.)

According to the "Free Mike Hawash" listserve, THE
RALLY IS STILL ON!! Mike's supporters are calling for
him to receive a fair trial and due process, as well
as saying publicly that the government's charges
against him are preposterous. Details of the rally
are as follows--hope to see you there!

For more information, go to  http://www.freemikehawash.org.

Rally - Tuesday April 29 - 8:30am
Please begin gathering at 8:15am

Mark O Hatfield U. S. Courthouse

1000 SW Third Ave.
(corner of SW Salmon and 3rd Ave)
Portland, OR

Please join us in support of Mike Hawash on
Tuesday April 29 at
8:30 on the steps of the U.S. Courthouse. We believe
that Mike has a
hearing scheduled for that time and expect that a show
of support will
help his cause. We expect a lot of press coverage so
the more people, the

Mike has been detained by the FBI for 5 weeks
without any charges
brought. He is being held in prison, in solitary
confinement and has
not even been questioned. We believe that this is
wrong and that it is
inconsistent with his rights as an American citizen.

This will be a non-violent, peaceful rally. At
this time, it is
very important that Mike knows that there are people
who believe that
he is being treated unfairly and that there are people
who really care
what happens to him.

So come, bring your friends, bring your family,
bring your
neighbors. Help us get the message out that Mike
should be treated fairly.

If you would like to carry a sign, we encourage
you to do that.
Some ideas for signage include:

"Free Mike Hawash"

"Free Mike Now"

"No Secret Justice"

But, by all means, write a sign that speaks to
how you feel
personally, but please write them in the spirit of a
peaceful rally.

See you there!

Parking: There is a SMART Park at 4th and

homepage: homepage: http://www.freemikehawash.org

Hawash to be charged 28.Apr.2003 17:47


The "Justice" Department is going to charge Hawash with "conspiracy to wage war against the United States, provide material support and resources to al-Qaida and contribute services to al-Qaida and the Taliban." From what I can tell they will probably "arrest" him tomorrow. How bizare! Over a month in jail and he's only being arrested now. Bush is definitely turning American into a police state.

Here's a link to the Oregonian article.

I wonder when they're going to arrest George Bush Sr and Ronald Reagan. Neither al-Qaida nor the Taliban would exist today had it not been for their support.