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Little Beirut release party / benefit on MayDay at Liberty Hall

Portland Anti Capitalist Action will be
hosting a party / show at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy)
starting at around 8 pm with bands, tables, movies, food, etc. Please contact us if you would like to table and if you have ideas for speakers and bands!!
This will also be the release party for the new issue
of Little Beirut. Contact  pdxaca@ziplip.com
bad date 28.Apr.2003 12:43

tute bianche

Um, I think this might be a bad day to have a benefit... Most of the folks who would otherwise attend will probably be in the the streets or in jail.

In Jail? 28.Apr.2003 17:14

Chief Kroeker

WHat makes you think folks will be in jail? This is a permitted march, with marshals and everything. From my perspective, it looks like things will end without incident by 7.

Good date 29.Apr.2003 03:47

jack_straw jack_straw@ziplip.com

I would have to argue with the idea that Mayday is a bad date for this release party. Although there is a possibility that people will be in jail, that is a daily possibility. I think that the significance of such event happening on such a date is important. Anarchism has such a fascinating history and so much involvement with working class struggles, you just can't have Mayday without the anarchists. See you in the streets!

This is a Mayday Celebration 29.Apr.2003 08:24

anti-capitalist pdxaca@ziplip.com

This event at Liberty Hall is not just the day Little Beirut (biggest issue yet) will be hitting the streets, it is also a Mayday Celebration of solidarity and strenth. It is purposefully late in the evening for people to have some time in the streets. And believe us, everyone one of us working with Portland Anti Capitalist Action that can be, WILL be in the streets with you all. That's what it is all about.

Try on a new hat 29.Apr.2003 15:04

oldblueeyes johnbristol80@hotmail.com

Ask Lars Larsen to come speak. Maybe it would be good to hear someone with a different view.

Bad Date 2 01.May.2003 01:00


Isnt this the day that the Oregon Trail Cards are loaded up so some of the miscreants have food?
I know for a fact Mike D. or Mike McMullen (take your pick) has one.
For all the fat mouthing he does of the government, he sure knows a free lunch when he sees one.
It'd be a better day to go grocery shopping, compliments of the folks who have a real job and life.