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Reed College--Vollum Lecture Hall, 7:00 PM

Lewis & Clark College--Olin Center Rm. 301, 4:30 PM
Benjamin Joffe-Walt, who recently returned from
Iraq as a peaceworker with "Human Shields Iraq,"
will lecture and lead a multimedia presentation on
the effects of U.S. policies and actions in Iraq,
and on peace and anti-war groups in Baghdad.

Benjamin Joffe-Walt, a high school history
teacher in Toronto, was a main organizer of "Human
Shields" and one of the few U.S. citizens that
participated in the "Human Shields" action. He spent
three weeks away from teaching to place himself as
a volunteer human shield in Baghdad. He was the
first from the group to attempt to re-enter the
U.S, and is also one of only two openly Jewish
members of the Human Shields group. He also works as
a seasonal wildland firefighter in Oregon. He
says about the experience, "Acting as a Human Shield
is just one of the many forms of protest that
need to happen to intervene in a cycle of violence
led by our country and driven much more by the
economic interests of a few than by a safe and
non-violent vision of the world. Yes, it is scary, but
I am not going to live my life in fear of my own
government imprisoning me for expressing
disagreement with violence."

Human Shields is an international anti-war group
of people from around the world placing
themselves in areas of importance to Iraqi civilian life
such as schools, hospitals, and water treatment
plants, to act as a deterrent to military attack on
civilians. Founded by a former US Marine and Gulf
War veteran, the action has attracted volunteers
of all ages and backgrounds.

Liana Foxvog
Reed Student Peace Action Network
Stupid stooge 28.Apr.2003 16:06

Pat Kincaid laughter@aol.com

God forbid he would remain in Iraq to help the Iraqis rebuild their society.

No doubt he's busy booking tickets to defend Kim Jong Il.

Too bad the ReichsChancellory isn't around - he could guard that too.


Heh heh... 28.Apr.2003 22:00

Trilox Woodsman

Betcha didn't know that a bunch of those "Human Shields" were actually deep cover Delta Force special ops...

Human Sheilds are amazing 27.May.2003 21:20

Jason Simms

I went to this and it was incredibly powerful. Human Sheilds' tactic of protest that involves risk is what radical.