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FREE SPEECH: know WHEN to use it....

Choose your agendas with care.....
Now that Iraq is on the long and hard but well-deserved road to a non-dictatorial system of governance, the anti-war protests are gone and will soon be but a footnote in the pages of history. So what now do those of you for whom, out of nothing more than an inexplicable hatred for America, turn your attentions to?

We who love our country -- many warts and all -- applaud those of you who, with the courage of your convictions -- stand up and speak about that which you believe in. I will never understand your hatred...many of you undoubtedly have long-lost relatives who died so that you may be free...and why you choose to continue to live in a country that you despise. But you always have the right to speak up here. And I would suggest that rather than blindly lashing out at anything which provides you a forum for your hatred, you choose very carefully what it is that decide to protest. At least that way you have a chance to actually effect some change, rather than merely futher alienating yourselves from the VAST majority of hard-working and law-abiding people who feel grateful to live here. I can hear it already-----corpie!! sheep!! Well...neither is true.
I am an artist...a successful one, and one who still must work hard to maintain my life in the way i choose to live. Nobody did it for me...it is the result of many years of hard work...but I did it, and I am totally grateful that I live in a country where this is possible. I am also an activist on issues that I believe in. But it is never borne of hatred for America, which is the overriding feeling
I had about many of you in the war protests. I realize it is not true of all protesters. I choose my issues with long and hard study and then act upon them.
There is nothing impulsive about it. My point is this: for all of you who call those who did not protest this war 'sheep' and etc.....remember that by blindly jumping onto any bandwagon that allows you to express your hatred, you are becoming the same thing. Sheep.

Freedom of speech. Use it. But THINK before you do. Otherwise you risk appearing a fool, like many of you did during the war protests. Pick your issues with care...you will be much more effective in this way.
Well, Rebecca 28.Apr.2003 11:55


You're a really good example of when not to engage in freedom of speech. You seem unable to articulate a coherent idea and take FOX News' assertions as fact. People who are standing up and speaking out love their country and choose not to forsake it. That is no accident. They understand they're are carrying on the tradition of those who really did die for our freedom ... not the sad parodies of freedom fighters doing their masters' bidding in places like Viet Nam and Iraq.

In other words, "Like freedom? Thank a dissident."

freedom 28.Apr.2003 16:32


If freedom is something you have to be grateful for, you're not really free.