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Psycho Loggers Rampage Action in Downtown Eugene

Psycho Loggers Rampage Action in Downtown Eugene Tree-sitter vows he will remain.


Loggers attack lone tree-sitter in early morning hours (6am PST). Three trees were cut down and another two left slowly to die as activist Mike McCarthey watched helplessly suspended from a traverse between the small trees he was hoping an indifferent city of Eugene would spare. The attackers threatened to shoot the sitter if he tried to retaliate in any way. Mike vows to remain in the doomed little tree...





Just makes me sick 28.Apr.2003 11:32


That kind of thing turns my stomach.
People who do things like that make the
world a little bit sadder.
Mike stays strong. True son of his Mother.

Clever ... 28.Apr.2003 11:38


Without meaning to condone it, in a perverse sense, that's reasonably clever.

By ringing the tree, they've left it structurally sound, but dead. Mike isn't injured and may continue to sit for as long as he likes in perfect safety.

But, the whole point of his being there is abruptly negated. Sort of takes the wind out of his sails.

Different tactics should probably be considered.

Tree sitting in this venue is obviously useless. The city can easily outwait any tree sitter whose unlikely to be motivated to hang around terribly long trying to protect the life of a corpse.

eugene_forestattack.jpg 28.Apr.2003 11:43



Attempted Murder 28.Apr.2003 11:57

Grape of Wrath

Attempted Murder with
Chainsaw plus Shotgun equals
Mandatory 7 years under Oregon
Meaasure 11 Guidelines!

some comments 28.Apr.2003 12:00


Yeah you can count on anti-environmentalists to resort to violence. Hopefully these perps will get arrested and the tree-sitter can sue them in civil court for everything they own.

measure 11 28.Apr.2003 12:01


For measure 11 to kick in, doesn't the victim have to be a republican? <vbg>

on second thought ... 28.Apr.2003 12:03


On second thought, this victim probably is a republican. What could be more conservative than a tree? <vbg>

the pigs 28.Apr.2003 12:25


and let me guess, throughout this whole fucking mess, the pigs were NOWHERE to be seen. funny, running chainsaws in the city at 6 am threatening to kill someone doesn't draw ANY police. and yet, they still have the time to break up peace camps at 2 am. huh. geee, i sure feel safer with those fucking worthless pigs around. does anyone know anyone who has EVER been protected by a cop (besides mayors and the other ruling class)? i don't know a single person in my life who was actually protected by a cop. all they do is show up after the fact and go "yep, we'll make a report" and then if you're lucky, they'll punish the criminal. they NEVER PREVENT crime. we should save money and get rid of those barney fife rejects and learn how to protect ourselves.

non-sequiter 28.Apr.2003 13:06


The tree sitting/cutting is in Eugene and the Peace Camp raids are in Portland ... 110 miles apart, different juristictions, different incidents and different police departments.

Portland police having time to raid Peace Camp has nothing to do with Eugene police not being around when these trees were cut.

reply to non-sequiter 28.Apr.2003 13:18


what's your point? a pig is a pig. Eugene and Portland police could give a rats ass about the safety of activists. They only care about repression and harassment.

non-sense 28.Apr.2003 13:23


Real high level brain power there man......no the tree-sit is nowhere near the peace camp but cops all wear shiney badges and show up after the fact everywhere. So far they have not filed a formal police report on this assault on a tree-sitter.

Good work mike 28.Apr.2003 13:24


Good work Mike bringing attention to the trees. The excessive reaction tells me of the effectiveness of the action.

The hurt and destruction sucks. I still try and remember that other americans are not the enemy. They are showing how threatened they feel by many of the same problems we are strugling against. if hard working folks and councious americans got togeather in stead of being played against each other we could rock.

imagine if pro and anti choicers both had million people marches on dc togeather demanding money for common family and womans issues.

if life gives you lemmons... Invite the lumber makers to build some park benches or get kids to carve a totem pole, some thing people can participate in to start a constructive dialog and begin looking for solutions and healing. take care mike, pete

What's my point? 28.Apr.2003 13:57


Well, V and squid ...

My point was obvious, so I presume you want to know what my thinking was in making it. 2 things ...

1) information ... folks post here from all over the place. It's possible someone from 'away' actually believed that the two incidents were in the same municipality and that the same police force was responsible for responding to both.

2) training ... fuzzy thinking, such as drawing incorrect inferences from unrelated incidents, reduces effectiveness. You cannot be useful to your cause if you cannot think clearly about it ... you end up spinning your wheels to no effect.

cops have showed up twice.... 28.Apr.2003 15:19


The cops have showed up twice so far and still not filed a formal report......

This sneak attack was a real example of eco-terror,the fellers were dressed in hickory shirts and suspenders,the whole bit.The usual eco-terrorist uniform.

Snags 28.Apr.2003 15:38


I wonder if somehow the trees can be made into homes for some protected bird or animal species which would make it illegal to cut them down once they die? Its a stretch but ..

Hmmmm. 28.Apr.2003 18:58

Tree Topper

I'm having a hard time understanding why the loggers should be charged with criminal charges. Also, did the loggers have the legal right to cut down the trees?

What A Fucking Moron 29.Apr.2003 09:07

Dennis Soper dsoper@continet.com

I am a leftist activist living in Eugene, and all I can say is that Mike McCarthy is a fucking idiot. While I might be considered "politically incorrect" for this statement, let me explain why I feel this is so.

First, if anyone who has seen early photographs of the area where the tree in front of the Sheldon Johnson McMurphy house is will know that the hill on which it sits had no trees until they were planted by the WPA in the 30s. Many of the trees around the house predate this, but they were planted by the residents of the house.

Again, this is not an "urban forest," it is the yard of an historic house. Removing the trees in question is not a clear cut, earthrape, etc., it is a restoration project on an historic building, being done so that the yard will look like it did when people were actually living there. I think certain activists need to quit sucking on 40-ouncers long enough to realive there is a difference between a house sitting on a lot in the middle of town and a forest.

As someone who has a couple of apple trees in my yard that need to be removed, I have to wonder if this twit is going to show up and camp in those trees.

I would also like to take the time to thank the many *volunteers* who have taken the time to restore the house and lot, and to congratulate them on a job well done.

As for McCarthy, maybe he should pull his head out of his asshole, and learn to choose his battles for carefully.

reply to Dennis 29.Apr.2003 09:50


It's one thing to have personal feelings about Mike, its another to post that he is a fucking moron.

Regardless of your personal opinion, those trees, that house, that land, is owned by the City, which means its owned by city residents. there are some of us "leftist activists" as you call yourself, who actually want to SAVE trees, regardless of when or how they came to existence.

If restoring the property to the way it looked historically means destroying trees, it is preposterous.

While Mike's actions may or may not be the most effective, his love for mother earth and all her creatures is apparent and his community should support him.

What you should be OUTRAGED at and posting "fucking moron" posts about, is the fuckers that destroyed those trees simply out of spite. Maybe it was you?

Two men showed up in the early hours of the morning yesterday, threatend Mike's life, murdered 2 trees with a chainsaw, and murdered 2 more by de-barking them - forcing them to die a slow death. Those 2 men are the fucking morons, and they broke the law. Destroying public property is a crime.

these were not loggers contracted with the city, they were just angry patriarchal men that needed to dominate mother earth and get their rocks off by threatening the life of someone that cares for mother earth.

you should be ashamed of yourself Dennis!

Good job, Logger boys 29.Apr.2003 10:09


Yeah. Real, good job, homespun logger types. You've just proved, once again, how easily co-opted you are, how shortsighted you are, how silly you will feel when all the trees and your livlihood are gone. And they will be. You can't keep enabling the timber companies and businesses to strip all the trees at an unsustainable rate without paying the consequences. Yeh, you never graduated from high school and can't get a real job, so you cut down trees for a living. Yeh. We know. But figure it out, pinhead. When the trees are gone, you're out of a job. The timber companies are making a killing off you, your labor, and your resources. You are helping them steal it all from you and from the rest of us. You're a timber-uncle-tom.

looks like two more to go 29.Apr.2003 22:32


From what I understand tree boy is not even from Eugene. What did tree boy already get kicked out all the trees in the New England states. You know I am a big fan of tree forts, but this guy really took it a little far. There is already of problem of homeless people and street kids in these parts, if I recall. We sure don't need them to start living in the trees.
The best part is it looks like tree boy days are numbered, well done Rogue Lumberjacks.
Looks like one more East Coast Import Protester on the way down.

Account about this rom Mike McCarthy, the sit 30.Apr.2003 15:13

Ferret Mike McCarthy ferret@surffast.com

At six zero five PDT I woke with a start to the sound of a large Chainsaw firing up. I leap out of my sleeping bag to see two men at the fat old pear tree immediate to the west of me killing it with the source of the noise.

They had obvious enjoyment in their eyes at my panic. They dressed like woodsworkers and were only interested in the hitman work of falling trees, not cutting them up and removing them.

At this point, as they chose not to say a word least this game afoot be compromised, I had absolutely no idea who they were.

Were these contractors working under city authority?

Were they angry renegade loggers with a permanent hard on about "Eco-nuts?"

This sort of ignorance could have precipitated my injury or death. But as the older one said to me to punctuate the demise of the pear tree,"if we had our druthers, we would cut the tree down with you in it."

The younger one then also made his first remark, "I'd come down from that tree, if I were you."

I shot up to the rope walkway between the large incense cedar and the sweet tree I occupied and perched there. No tie-in, no socks or boots, freshly woken up, I sat there and watched the younger one knock my bicycle over to get at a pine tree. He left it after I convinced him it was across the Ya-Po-Ah Terrace property line, thus safe from immediate death.

He walked to the farthest tree, a tiny incease cedar and started whacking it. I suddenly felt the older cutter start cutting on the tree I was occupying. I started down to my platform causing this guy to back up and yell at me that if any Eco-nut biohazard urine jug or shit bucket came his way, I would be dispatched with a firearm he claimed was in the six-pack they had. (Six seater pick-up)

I saw he was girding my tree. And of course this is a process of separating the living part of the tree of the above ground from the underground, preventing nutrient and chemical exchange between the tree's two main parts.

The other cutter whacked the smaller of the two 'school marm' incense cedars, and I started yelling that if he cut the other, I would die as I was on the rope causeway between him and me.

He scowled and regarded the offensive ropes keeping him from the fullest enjoyment of this sport of tormenting the 'Eco-dope on a rope'. Some background to this class of guy: These sorts have a special grade of license making them specialists in precisely placing the trees they cut where they want them to go. Usually on a wild-land forest fire, this license gets them a twenty-five to thirty-five dollar an hour wage.

Without a word, he then started cutting on this tree that if cut, would either mash me, or pull off the tree top I was in if it broke it falling the other way.

I thought - and I remember this with end of life fear clarity - "so this is how I die." the ropes danced to my frantic movements of scanning for the best point to hit the ground. Leaping away from heavy falling masses of green timber is a Hell of a choice to make, but that would be what I would have to do to optimize my survival.

I remember, no, I will never, never forget the hot blooded relishment in his eyes as he watched me react to his girding of this incense cedar.

Two boys torturing a small animal are the only sorts I ever saw enjoy this game anymore than this these two - in the spirit of terrorists - yardbirds were engaged in.

They finished, and left without another word. All this took place in a time frame of approximately fifteen minutes.

The girding was extra work the did out of mortal spite. If they couldn't cut it down, they were damn sure going to kill it. And if they had been able to panicked me into a wrong move, *Spat!* so much the better.

Terrorism under the flag of authority of municipal government is still terrorism, is still criminal activity.

They endangered me for enjoyment, and meant me every bit of harm they could could wring out of the situation.

That is what happened. That is why the angry diatribe of a post railing at loggers yesterday.

How does this affect me in the long term? I won't give the bastards the satisfaction of bullying me from non-violent civil disobedience, but yesterday, Ferret Mike grew meaner.

If I were this sort, I would never, ever try this on me again, anywhere.

Where I am from 30.Apr.2003 15:20

Michael joseph McCarthy ferret@surffast.com

Regarding the comments rom a poster about my growing up in Connecticut. I moved out to Orgon in 1971 and inished high school here. i was a tree planter for twelve years out here. A wildlands forefighter out here. I picked seed cones, raparian work, stocking serveys, gatered scion, and many other sorts of jobs in the forest out here.

I am a journeyman woodsworker. I am far from a no nothing improt to the scene.

The pacific Northwest, or Cascadia as I prefer to call it is wherew I am from. I wouldn't recognized my old home town of Clinton, Connecticut I have been a way so long. Thanks for the laugh.

Setting for the house 30.Apr.2003 15:35

Michael joseph mcCarthy ferret@surfast.com

re: dennis' comments: That is a Vicorian house from the ninteenth century in the seting of the twenty first. Get your own head out of your forth point of contact, mine's just fine. Those trees should have been grandfathered out had they wanted no trees there. I believe in "deep ecology," and those trees had a long life ahead of themselves, and deserved to live for their own vested interest. Regardless how offensive you and other trolls find their shadows to be. you tell me what is so damn spacial about a house built by Dr. Thomas Winthrop Shelton who belonged to the Knights of the Golden Circle and made sure any 'darkie' servants were definitely relocated out of state if they left his employment? The first house he built there was torched by disgruntled workers. Too bad they didn't do the second one back then too I would say. Screw the SMJ icon of oppressive, racist city fathers. I would say I see it as an appropriate target of opportunity.

Hey Dennis 30.Apr.2003 23:12

Johnny Appleseed

Your mean the apple tree @ 643 park ave?

re: Hey, Dennis 01.May.2003 09:36

Dennis Soper dsoper@continet.com

Yeah, it's the two apple trees in the backyard. Ya can't miss them. I don't know if I'd go in the yard if I'm not home, though. The canine member of our family might not approve, and he might do some serious damage to your body. But, then again, I might just do the same....