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jamming in Eugene

Stencils on street signs...I love it!
Eugene is seeing an increase of the reclamation of public space, and it is fantastic. Over the past few months I have been seeing
more and more subversive messages spraypainted on signs. My recent favorites are the "RESIST" stencils over the yeild signs,
and "THE AGENDA" stenciled on stop signs. This is exactly the kind of creative resistence we need to get our ideas out there.
The best part is that you don't have to buy a thirty second spot from a network, or a half page ad in a newspaper, or even try and
infiltrate a right wing website. All you have to do is grab some paint, make a stencil, and get your ass out the door. Well done,
Eugene! Start seeing and creating this stuff all over our urban centers.
A thought ... 28.Apr.2003 11:28


Any chance you can do this tagging on something other than traffic signs?

Those things are paid for by all of our taxes. Painting them does incure a cost when they must be replaced. Not as much as a media ad, but it isn't free.

More importantly, they actually do serve a useful purpose. Obscuring them with paint is somewhat counter productive, to say nothing of potentially dangerous.

I didn't do it! 29.Apr.2003 10:19


The taxes we spend on street signs are the least of our worries really, if more people stopped worrying how much things would cost, the resistance may actually get something done. The idea is to get the message in high traffic areas, and reclaim public space. And anyone who doesn't know what a big ass red octagon means, probably shouldn't be driving anyway.
And to troll loyal: Shoving a spraycan up the ass of someone who is actually doing something would mean that you would have to get off your ass and into the natural light. Since I seriously doubt this will happen, I suggest you continue your fantasies of defending the freedom of all stop signs in the name of the American Dream.