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Critical Mass in Redbloc

A Critical Mass ride for MayDay!
fine, fine, the march is permitted this year. The police will be march-stepping the crowd, keeping it "safe." We can make the general march safer by meeting, grouping up in the manner that we did for the Scavenger Hunt Critical Mass of last week, and riding around the city. It's Mayday, let's celebrate it, and not by marching in a police-guided tour... but as the rabidly freedom-loving bike-archists that we all are!!!
Meet at the block north of the "north park blocks" and the big elephant statue at 4pm (the permited MayDay march leaves at 4:30pm). Form riding groups of 10 to 20 riders with people that you know or recognize, and off we go! After this it is up in the air, any direction we please, perhaps looping back several times to the main march to check in and give moral support to those being herded by portland's finest.
Bring noise makers!!! buckets, cans, pots and pans! bang it, ring it, yell and sing it! this is our party, let's make it so!
addendum 28.Apr.2003 00:38

scott thompson

that would make the location at Park Street between Couch and Davis, NorWest

one bit of advice 28.Apr.2003 08:25


when mass forms at the same location and time as a march, the marchers serve as control rods, effectively preventing critical mass from occurring. cyclists get spread out through the larger group and communication is difficult. Give it a shot, but from the radical feedre marches and masses I've seen i'd evpect it to happen again.

p.s. the coalition never asked for a permit, the city came up with one the same as the last two years.

little red hood, riding 28.Apr.2003 12:18


I don't like my bike in crowds of pedestrians, so I will just group up on the edge with the cyclists that I see. Let's leave in the opposite direction than the marchers, at least at first, so that this blocking of the mass due to too many peds does not happen. If the mass does get broken up, or the marchers' presence prevents us all from grouping up, rogue bands of maurading cyclists can claim more strayed bikers from the marching crowd with each time that they buzz by.
This is what has happened to me, anyways, when I have lost the Mass during a march: I join the march with just me and my bike. Eventually, Critical Mass rides by, and I catch back up.
I was just given a red cape to wear! I hope it doesn't get caught in my spokes...

Get a Job 29.Apr.2003 14:20


All i ask is that my family and i can get home safely from work without having to waste time dodging the Critickle Mess that you will all attempt to needlessly create. Get a job, you'll see what i mean.

you pussy, jeevieb 29.Apr.2003 14:51


oh yeah jeevieb, i've seen plenty of bicyclists run cars off the road and crush them under their huge 27 inch by 1.25 inch tires. "so my family can get safely home". you fucking weak minded victim, guess what, if you get killed in a car, CHANCES ARE ITS BY ANOTHER CAR, YOU IDIOT!!!
cars kill more people than guns+drugs+diseases.
maybe if your family took public transportation or, *gasp* rode a bicycle, you wouldn't have to worry about "the safety of your family" unless, of course, they were run over by some mindless agro driver, such as yourself.

Education's budget crisis hit you too hard? 29.Apr.2003 18:38


Just a small thought...when making a point, especially when the point is "go get jobs," it may be wise to actually spell correctly. I know its just another vice of conformism, but grammatical correctness would lend at least a smattering of credibility to your claims.

It's "critical," by the way. If you want me to "go get a job," perhaps you should go back to school.

I have a job, ass 29.Apr.2003 21:51


jeevieb, thanks for the comment asshole, but I have a job. Yes it is possible to have a job and not conform to the capatalist society. just to restate, bikes and freedom of speech are not the problem. It's the assholes who only care about themselves and their own lifestyles that are the problem.

time and jobs 30.Apr.2003 15:23


To those who insist that I get a job as I stand at peace rallies, camps, etc...

I have a job..actually a very good "professional" job at a high tech company out the in the middle of god-forsaken Hillsboro. All that and I still make time to do the laundry, feed my cats, and fight for the Bill of Rights:)

The question is...do those who insist that I get job know that they've been sleeping on their asses as the Bill of Rights and Constitution get trashed by a so called Patriot Act?

For the lucky ones, dissent is their full time job and I only wish that I had the balls to quit what I'm doing and join them.


what time are the critical massers leaving? 30.Apr.2003 15:24


Does anybody know when (not precisely, but more generally) the critical mass riders are leaving the meeting place?

mass time? 30.Apr.2003 23:48

scott thompson

we will be leaving around 430pm, or whenever each of our groups is ready to leave (if we choose to split up). if you cannot make it by that time, just find the marching group and walk with your bike until the mass buzzes the crowd.

What's up with Getting a job? 01.May.2003 19:47

Sherry singsing7_99@yahoo.com

I don't get what having a job has to do with riding a bike?

I recently quit my job at Intel - because I hated it. I'm blessed to be able to make a living as an artist -Again - what's this have to do with riding a bike?