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Mime Block For May Day

Get out your black leotard and white face paint and join the revolutaionary mime block!

We will carry blank signs!
We will hand out black leftlets!
We will throw imaginary brick through imaginary windows!

You silence is your dissent!
We have black and white face paint so if you want to coordinate contact  mimeblock@mail.com or look for the block of mimes on May Day.

You silence is your dissent!
Please Explain 28.Apr.2003 17:11

Mimes Scare Me

Other than looking cool, what is the point of this? What is so revolutionary about blank signs and leaflets? Or is this a joke?

If it baffles me, I bet it baffles a lot of people.

I think I get it 28.Apr.2003 21:15

Jolie Laide

Two thoughts:

1) Throwing bricks thru windows is illegal and if you do it you expose yourself to possible arrest with all its burdens. For this reason, most such actions are done undercover of night where no one can see, which is good except it mollifies some of the message. In my town, I've seen large amounts of spray paint and broken windows replaced in under twelve hours...not much time for a message to get out. There's no law against pretending to throw a brick at anything, even a pig, and you can do anytime anywhere (plenty of spectators). In fact, miming began during the French Revolution (I'm pretty sure) when the upper class banned theatre due to its unsympathetic portrayal of the class system and its tendency to incite riots among the lower class patrons. Miming--no props, no script-- slipped through the loop holes. Using it once again to broadcast political discontent seems appropriate, especially if you got a whole swarm of mimes to go buzzing thru town pretending (key word) to cause all sorts of trouble.

2) In blank pamphlets and on blank signs, a person may read whatever they want (very anarchist). Furthermore, anyone who has watched the news in last year or so can probably guess what they would say if they did say something, but they would in fact have to guess...meaning they'd have to think about themselves, another crucial component of effective rabblerousing.

good analysis, Jolie Laide 28.Apr.2003 23:12


Also it's goddamn funny. There's nothing I'd rather see than a bunch of mimes mocking police "authority", since it is just as illusory.

explanation 30.Apr.2003 11:46


read about the Haymarket massacre and you'll get it.
the Haymarket Monument says: