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Communism explained a bit

Learn about communism and other related notes
Communism refers to a social type of human interaction found in areas that have not yet abstracted written law, and as such have their law internalized or automated (read: automatic, they don't need any law to tell them what to do... the law is imbedded in the culture itself.).

Communist societies are known for being geographically isolated from much of the world with regards to war and trade. They are found in remote oasis', deserts and islands. I'm not sure how many communist societies still exist on this earth. It very well could be ZERO by now.

Communist societies, resultant from their lack of external pressure from other societies, have also failed to abstract nudity as pornography and the concept of time itself. Instead of time, they utilize photographic memories of spacial orientation and refer to events in terms of the unique sounds and terrain changes. Communist societies, quite simply are defined by the fact that they have their social contract internalized. It is not abstracted outwards, they DO NOT HAVE SUCH A THING AS WRITTEN LAW. They don't get it, they don't have it, they haven't abstracted it yet. They don't have suicide rates or homocide rates. These societies don't have temples, they don't have Gods, they bury the creations of people with them when they die -- there is no sense of capitalism of technology to that degree. The society is basically automatic, like a group of ants.

Most of these societies are dead, killed by european imperialism. They were enslaved for sex and money and then mass murdered. Some are still being studied by sociologists today. Although I'm not sure how many are still pristine to that regard now-a-days.

For those of you who just don't get it, communism is considered impossible to return to. You literally are required to unlearn written language and time, property and resource abstractions in a capitalistic sense.

This is what the hoopla is all about:

Some individuals are interested in coding the written law such that it allows us to have the same statistical phenomenon of homocide and suicide rates that communist societies have. That's it. That's the entire debate in a nutshell.

What we know, is that our written law is corrupt. When we jumped this level of abstraction and began to store our laws in hard coded format, we never closed the loop. We have yet to finish this leap of abstraction.

The basic problem is: We ended up with Plato's axiom long before Plato, somewhere just when we abstracted written law. Plato's axiom states that you must have human slaves in order to live a fulfilling life.

We know for a fact that this is a false axiom, because we are aware of our ability to translate potence to any being, and our ability to run critical mass translations technologically such that all sentient beings have the same degree of potence for the same cost and cannot be discriminated against once the technology is hard-coded.

People are killed for trying to do these translations. People succeed for stealing technology and encrypting it before the task is complete.

We know we can do this stuff, we just have sub-humans running autonomous indentured systems flooding this planet; literally as aware of themselves as a mockingbird. They are running parrotive surivival algorithms designed to violate informed consent through obvious encryptions layers to anyone who actually posssesses self-awareness is and on the decryption project.

Anyhow, a human being who violates informed consent is working on the human slavery project... which is going to fail anyways, unless we blow ourselves up first. The challenge is translating all of these beings into self-aware beings with manual control of their system of indenture, without violating their informed consent. The onlt means that this can be accomplished is to equally have the technology to allow them the right to de-select themselves from existing or to provide retro-active deprogramming procedures to un-abstract the abstractions given to them.

It gets a little more complex than this, but that's the basic idea.

Anyhow, talking about communists when you have absolutely no clue what a communist society is, shows that you are a host carrying the consent violation virus. You are wired to manufacture human slavery and to halt the decryption process of people who could walk in your 'presigious' shoes within a day and choose not to, lest they combat the very purpose for existing with regards to the other metabolic system.

Cognitive parrots metabolize survival.
Those who have abstracted meaning, don't hold survival as an a priori value. They can over-ride the surival system as a result of the suicide meme (which gave birth to our self-awareness).
There is a complex algebra that exists, such that if "x" path is taken, suicide is more logical because the end result will contradict the purpose to live. This is how your language and technology was abstracted - by not violating informed consent, by risking existential collapse and starvation in order to study and comprehend reality at large in a non-delusional fashion.

The process required to do this is not capable, as it finds zero meaning in/and, of violating informed consent.

The vast portion of human society is so constructed as to only have awareness of the survival metabolism. As such, the game which is being simulated through your logic via undefined terms, is not even a game to those who actually provide the very tools that you use so efficiently to violate informed consent (which can only produce a human slave). You're dealing with individuals who have your entire game or concept of game memorized, not only memorized with regards to astonishing potency, but knowing also that even engagig in that system is absolute proof of suicide with regards to efficiency or stasis with regards to logical consistency (which ends up being starvation suicide of sorts).

Anyways, the counter intelligent spin on a communist society, which you most likely wouldn't even recognize an actual one by name, was soley for the purpose of boding human slavery time until thew encryption enabled the slavery to subsist beyond the death barrier. These mavens of 'work' didn't do anything, and now they're dead and they died happy because they ran their ability to enslave until death. In the decryption line of work, that is called going under -- you begin to run high contradiction frequencies through your algorithmic structure in communications and begin exploiting the encryption lines and start violating informed consent until it actually feels like there is some sort of 'effort to it'. At this point, the indentured system has been retrained and one is effectively retired for life -- the algorithms do the rest. Flipping the switch back is only theory, based on habit reforming. Once a sentient mind is aware of it's own recursion, the reversal may actually be impossible because it conflicts with both the exitential and survival metabolisms or the perception of the scope of those metabolisms at this stage.
chimpan-Z 28.Apr.2003 00:02


If I was wondering if communism made sense earlier -- which I wasn't -- all doubt has been erased by reading this incomprehensible essay.

And hey -- I know what your big words mean. Do you?

What the fuck? 28.Apr.2003 01:00


None of that made any sense! Why did you invest so much time into that phsycobable? To try and trick somebody? Or are you just a moron who actually believes what you've scribbled.

Typical 29.Apr.2003 08:02


Some rightwing idiot writes about what he doesn't understand. Why not just repeat the old "Communism is evil" cliche and be done with it?