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Bush's Supply-Side Leadership

Politex has a go at fearless leader
Bush has taken Reagan's excuse for giving more money to the wealthy-- supply-side economics-- and applied it to the policies of his administration as a whole. Supply-side theory postulates that giving money to the producers and investors allows them to take that money and produce more, creating jobs and greater consumption by the workers because they have more money to spend. This theory contradicts the classical model of consumer need and desire stimulating cause for production. Supply-side economics didn't work for Reagan and it's not working for Bush, but in both cases the rich have gotten more money, and that's the point of this GOP excercise in reverse Robin Hood economics.

Ever since Bush was selected by the Supreme Court to live in the White House, we've seen supply-side theory --giving the people what you want to produce-- being employed on the domestic front. It's a matter of government selling its citizens things they don't want to buy. The people voted for Gore, but the Supreme Court gave us Bush. The people want Church and State separated, but Bush and Sec. of Ed. Paige give us faith-based public education. The people said they preferred medical care and better education to tax cuts for the rich, but to no avail. The people want a clean environment, but the corporations pulling the Bush strings give us dirty water and dirty air. The people want fair, unbiased judges, but Bush appointees have solid records of being against civil rights and workers' rights. Initially, the people didn't want a war in Iraq, but the growing documentation of administration lies indicates that supply-side propaganda changed that. Now, mainstream pundits are beginning to wonder what kind of "democracy" Bush wants to provide for the Iraqi people.

Clearly, the Bush administration is a supply-side government. Don't give the people what they want to buy, but what you want to sell them , then invest in distortions and lies to make your sale.

Bush has been called disciplined and determined, but these are hardly positive traits if they are used in the creation of policies that harm us. Bush has been called a leader, but what good is a leader who takes us in the wrong direction? --Politex, 04.28.03

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