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KPOO FCC Hearing Audio + FCC Commissioner Adelstein Interviewed

KPOO and KPFA coverage mp3 files for download or streaming

KPOO / KPFA Audio from FCC Hearing in San Francisco, 1:30 to 2pm segment

FCC Commissioner Adelstein Interviewed on KPFA, Sunday, April 27

Commissioner Adelstein was interviewed by Larry Bensky on Sunday Salon. He offers his take on the Saturday hearing. These files come from KFCF.org's archive system. As such, there's a five or ten second loss of audio in the transition between the half hour segments. But other than that, the quality is high -- 40 kbps. Each file is about 8.5 megs.

More Info: Media Alliance is a good place for basic info, and they have notes on activism too.

Check back with SF IMC later to see if other stuff gets posted. Picture credit here.