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Monkey Business

Ah, shucks! Now the ADL-Mossad will threaten to burn down my apartment again. Well, I'm getting used to death threats and financial harassment. It builds character....
Monkey Business
Monkey Business
How many States are in our Union? Fifty, officially, but all ruled by the centralized Federal Reserve Bank of New York and its private owners such as the Rothschilds and other Zionist white supremacists from eastern Europe - such as neurotic academic attack poodles like my family's associate, "Israeli-American" Edward Luttwak (author of COUP D'ETAT: A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK and other revealing Machiavellian works I suggest naive Americans study).

How many Republics were in the Soviet Union (Soviet means "elected congress", NOT the banksters' Bolshevik puppets) before the World Bank overthrew the Gorbachev administration and let Yeltsin ruin Russia? Over thirty, none of which allowed counterfeit "money" such as Federal Reserve Notes and SDRs - which is why the Criminal Ignorance Agency, the Mossad and other mercenaries divided and conquered the USSR.

"Better trade your resources for our counterfeit money!" (And guess who's next?)

Well, I've never been much of a fan of the Soviet Union or any empire, but the more I learn about it, and the more I learn about "our" government, the more I realized that "our" media and "education" system is the biggest hoax in history.

I studied Russian history in school, but it was the CIA's delusional misinformation.

No wonder all the best books, like Buckminster Fuller's CRITICAL PATH, are out of print. No wonder encyclopedias and dictionionaries and maps have less and less historical information every year since about 1984. Or 1948.

Ever wonder why all our maps of the world depict the USA as if it's comprised of somewhat independent States, but the USSR is depicted as a massive monolithic monstrosity? The two nations are actually similar in many ways, but the Russians have much better education.

In America, you're not supposed to know anything. Including that there's an autonomous Jewish region in Russia. Perhaps "Israelis" should be relocated THERE, not in the USA or in Palestine. Unless they accept genuine equal rights and equal responsibilities.

Ah, shucks! Now the ADL-Mossad will threaten to burn down my apartment again. Well, I'm getting used to death threats and financial harassment. It builds character.

At least my last girlfriend, another spy for the usual suspects, confessed Zio-AshkeNAZIs control most of the "free world".

"We all work for the Rothschilds. That's just the way the world is," she concluded. "You just can't deal with reality."

And Hillary "BCCI" Clinton will probably be selected as the next puppet-president of the Corporate States of Amerika. Rodham will likely be our next "Good Cop" with another "New Deal" for the banksters to save us from the present "Bad Cop".

Wow. Thanks, LAWCAP.

"Kill JFK. He's in our way like his dad." (All of Rome's Senators now agree.)

October Surprise!

There they go again.


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