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Why No IMC Mayday Coverage?

Why No IMC Promotion of Mayday March
Hey IMC Folks! Why no center articles about NEXT week's Mayday March. Several pdfs have been posted, articles, etc. it could use a shot in the arm...
i agree! 27.Apr.2003 18:31


yeah, what the hell? mayday is THE NEXT BIG ACTION! yet indymedia is silent. there's been several articles posted, most notably the one explaining why a permit was retrieved...

it's getting irritating. i've talked to several people recently who don't even know what mayday is! when i tell them about the last three great maydays in portland, they all swear they're coming.

please, indy editors, do something about this.

Um...Uh, I haven't gotten around to it yet? 27.Apr.2003 20:39


I was supposed to post the IWW stuff for May Day, but haven't done it yet, sorry. As for the coalition stuff, I saw something last week right here, it wasn't made into a feature. Be patient, maybe I'll put it up tonight. Otherwise just be there and make it up as you go.

no may day 27.Apr.2003 20:49

go alternative

celebrate beltane

Or 27.Apr.2003 21:16


Walpurgis Night, the night of April 30. A night to spit on Hitler's grave and "pray" for the ultimate defeat of fascism.

Funny how Apr 30/May 1 has such a dense history.

BTW, Walpurgis Night used to look a lot like Halloween with mischief and the likelihood. It's also exactly opposite Halloween on the "wheel of the year." Goes to show how much the solar year cycles still affect our cultural calendars...

maydaywrench.jpg 27.Apr.2003 23:30



Something to think about 28.Apr.2003 00:49


Why no coverage? You should read: How Libertarians plan to reclaim the Left
Tom Wheeler --  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=62598&group=webcast

What about INB? 28.Apr.2003 10:53


Does anyone know if we will be so lucky as to have the Infernal Noise Brigade down here this year?

maydaywrench_sm.gif 28.Apr.2003 18:30