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Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbucks

Starbucks at it again....does anybody remember about a year ago a cafe owned by a woman in Astoria, Oregon was hounded by Starbucks because her name last name, which I can't recall now, was too much like Starbucks....as the bumper sticker says at Anna Bananas "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbucks"... story is posted on the Minneapolis Indy site.

HaidaBucks Prepare To Defend Against Starbucks®
by MadamD 12:10pm Sat Apr 26 '03

StarBucks....confused over Indian Bucks?????

HaidaBucks Prepares To Defend Against Starbucks®

HaidaBucks, a small, indigenous-owned café on Haida Gwaii received an
outpouring of support in the week following news reports that it was being
sued by Starbucks® for trademark infringement. Initial concerns about the
cost of mounting a legal challenge were put to rest when thousands of people
called and emailed to offer help and donations for a legal defense fund.
Among the first callers was prominent barrister Joseph Arvay of Arvay and
Finlay Barristers.

This is not the first time Mr. Arvay has worked with Canada's indigenous
peoples. He represented Delgamuukw before the Supreme Court of Canada and is
now counsel for the Haida Nation in their aboriginal title claim. Co-owner
Darin Swanson is ecstatic about the shop's good fortune. "No one's better
for this case than Joseph Arvay," Darin said. "He know the law in this case
extremely well, and knows the Haida people intimately. This is better than
we ever hope for."

HaidaBucks also announced their new web site - www.haidabuckscafe.com -
created by someone they'd never met before making the news. What began as
one of many calls to offer moral support quickly, turned into a discussion
about a web site to call attention to the café's plight, Swanson said. "I'd
never met the man on the other end of the phone, but two days later, he had
a web site written, designed and published on the Internet for us. It's
really helped spread the news. In the first five days, we received over
twenty thousand visitors." Swanson added that they intend to update the site
regularly to keep supporters informed of the latest activity.

HaidaBucks was founded in May, 1999, by four members of the Haida Nation.
Located in the village of Masset (on Haida Gwaii in the Queen Charlotte
Islands off the North coast of British Columbia), the café serves salads,
soups, and a variety of sandwiches and subs in addition to its line of hot
and cold beverages.

Contact: Darin Swanson or Willis Parnell



homepage: homepage: http://twincities.indymedia.org/email_display.php3?article_id=12326

Special Offer from $tarbucks 27.Apr.2003 11:58

Howard Shultz

And don't forget kids, buy a latte and kill a Palestinian. A portion of everything you buy goes towards eliminating these pests.

Don't forget to turn on your browser cookies before visiting Starbuck.com!

Neato... 27.Apr.2003 15:03

Trilox Woodsman

Didn't Starbucks just buy Seattles Best Coffee?

The Astoria Coffee War 27.Apr.2003 15:09


I remember Sam Buck, owner of SamBuck's in Astoria. If I remember right, it was something on this site that prompted me to drive out to Astoria with my digital camera and check things out. Here's the page I put up as a result:


I probably ought to check around and see what's the latest news.

Back in mid-March, I got an e-mail from the Seattle Times asking if they could use my photo of the front of Sam's place for an article, and I sent them the original digital photo file, which they used.

Starbucks owns... 27.Apr.2003 15:51


Starbucks recently bought Seattle's Best, which also owned Torrefazione. I doubt they'll stop with these two.

Does anyone know 27.Apr.2003 15:55

tell me something

Are these cases still pending or has Starfucks dropped their suits?

Corporate mugshot 27.Apr.2003 17:00


This is so typical. Some big multi-national pusher buys up all of some addictive substance and then uses it as a power base to screw us all. Caffeine, nicotene, oil, sugar, even WATER now. RESIST!

And thanks to whomever posted the fact that starbux now owns both seattle's best and torrefazione. I didn't know that! Boycott them all.

Starbucks is stil suing Sambucks 27.Apr.2003 20:15

voice from Astoria

The case is active. Sam's atorneys and the other attorneys are sitting on it as lawyers do. The shop is open and the name remains the same, for now. Starbucks has the bucks, and they will end it when they choose to.

Thanks Moby 27.Apr.2003 20:18

Andrea pdx

thanks moby

I emailed the address you provided to the canadian cafe and also sent an email to the Seattle reporter, in case he's interested in expanding his story...but then maybe you did the same...


crap 27.Apr.2003 21:19

coffee lover

Okay I have to say this... Starbucks coffee tastes like crap. So does Seattle's Best. Even if you don't hate big corporations, if you love coffee, you should lament the fact that Starbucks has lowered the bar for what is considered "gourmet" coffee. They raised the price and lowered the quality.

Torrefazione coffee tastes quite okay, but who knows if it will stay that way?

In a world where there is no competition, there is also no choice, and no need for good quality. If this keeps up, they can serve you toilet water and get away with it.

Oh well... 27.Apr.2003 23:17

Trilox Woodsman

I don't imagine any brand of coffee is completely cruelty-free, dolphin-safe, sweatshop-free or whatever else everyone is always crying about but I do know that stuff in those cans that I grew up thinking was coffee is in fact dried up leftovers they sweep off the floor at the end of the week.

I can still remember the first time I had real coffee though. It was the summer of 77 and I was staying at my friends house down in Mendocino and his mom had whole coffee beans and she ground it up in hand grinder and made a big pot of fresh coffee. I had never tasted anything quite like that I can tell you. So, at this point you either have that crap in the can that is Mafia controlled or you have Starbucks. Not much of a choice. Maybe some tricky lawyer could sue Starbucks for a monopoly or something...

Allann Bros. 27.Apr.2003 23:27

coffee lover

Allann Bros. is good. Some shops here sell it but I don't know where they are freshest. If you are in Salem, Corvallis, or Eugene, you can get it at The Beanery, and the beans are very fresh. You can also mail order. They are located in Corvallis.

I don't work for them. I don't know if this kind of post is allowed. It is just a recommendation.

No ... they're our friends 28.Apr.2003 10:23


Better check things out before going too far on boycotting Starbucks. Starbucks is a proud supporter of Arab countries and won't do business in Israel, having closed all their outlets there. These people are your friends!


As if that isn't enough; as everyone knows, Starbucks on September 11th refused to provide water to rescue workers at the WTC ... they charged them for it. These people are on YOUR side.

Not sure about that 28.Apr.2003 13:19


I remember the WTC incident and thought it was just a communication failure on the part of some of their employees and Starbucks eventually did not charge for water.

I am NOT a big Starbucks fan, but I will give them credit for providing a reimbursement for the family of the intern shot, assassination style in Georgetown section of Wash., DC in one of their stores. This, by the way, occured at the same time that Bill Clinton was involved with his favourite intern.

Ranger ... 28.Apr.2003 13:41


check ...  http://www.snopes.com/rumors/starbuck.htm

You can draw your own conclusions from the write-up. It seems obvious to me that some traumatized, stressed out, low ranking, hourly worker made an extraordinarily poor on-the-spot decision regarding the water. (Clearly he's management material ... <vbg>)

But, the Mikkelsons (widely regarded as reliable sources) didn't cut their corporate group a lot of slack about their response to the whole incident.

I've nothing against Starbucks per se, but I don't think they behaved well in this particular instance.