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2003 Mothers Day Action at the Nevada Test Site

Please join us from May 9-12, 2003, at the Nevada Test Site to learn how to prevent the transportation of radioactive shipments through local areas and regional, state and tribal communities.
The Goshute Indians' reservation in Skull Valley, Utah is targeted for a large nuclear waste dump. Private Fuels Storage (PFS) wants to "temporarily" store 40,000 tons of commercial high-level radioactive waste next to the two-dozen tribal members who live on the small reservation, possibly by the end of this year! That is almost the entire amount of waste that currently exists within the U.S. It is Native Americans - from Navajo uranium miners to tribal communities targeted with atomic waste dumps - who have borne the brunt of both the front and back ends of the nuclear fuel cycle.
Come participate in a learning and planning action to end the nuclear madness. It is imperative that we build a national network to stop radioactive shipments from traveling through American neighborhoods.
We encourage all people to attend, whether you have been opposing the nuclear industry for many years, or if you are just learning about these issues. Educating yourself on the issues is key to making the world a safer place. It is vitally important for us to unite and stand up against the nuclear industry.

Presentations and Trainings will include:
Opposing shipments of plutonium in the US and worldwide.
Successful campaigns that prevented the implementation of nuclear waste dumps.
The proposed transportation of high level nuclear waste through 1,000's of local communities nationwide.
Updates on Yucca Mountain, Nevada and Skull Valley, Utah and other waste site areas.
Updates on the US government's development of new nuclear weapons and depleted uranium.
Updates on the proposed resumption of nuclear weapons test explosions at the Test Site.
Organizing across cultures
Direct Action Trainings of all types
Legal Trainings
Nonviolence Trainings
Trainings for Trainers
Grassroots Organizing 101
If you have a skill you can teach, please contact  Jason@Shundahai.org 702.369.2730

Rough Schedule Outline:
Friday - All Day:Registration & Camp Orientation
Morning:Sunrise Ceremony
Afternoon: Non-Violence and Peacekeeper Trainings

Saturday - All Day: Registration & Camp Orientation
Morning: Sunrise Ceremony
Afternoon:Various Trainings
Action Planning
Evening:Entertainment/Raffle (Please bring an item for the raffle and buy lots of tickets! If you have an act you would like to perform let registration know.)

Sunday -
Morning:Sunrise Ceremony
Afternoon:Direct Action
Organizing Trainings

Monday -
Morning: Sunrise Ceremony
Planning for the Future

This schedule is still being fine tuned. Check our website or call for updates.

Self-sufficient arrangements for transportation.
(We will be setting up a ride board soon:  http://www.Shundahai.org/Rideboard)
Camping gear, shoes and clothing for hot days and cold nights; sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water bottle.
Personal supply of drinking water (at least one gallon a day), snacks, drinks and fresh foods.
Dishes, cup and utensils to eat with.
Literature and materials from your group (and a table). If making sales, consider a donation.
Musical instruments, art supplies, banners, signs, decorations for fence. Creativity!
Batteries to operate your equipment, or your own power source for recharging.
Any materials or food items you'd like to donate.
Respecting Our Shoshone Hosts

Gatherings at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site bring together people from diverse cultures, religions and backgrounds. Symbols, history, language and behavior have many different meanings. To promote respect, peace, understanding and common ground, we ask that you observe the following guidelines. If you cannot agree to these guidelines, we respectfully ask that you do not attend.

No firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs. Besides the legal ramifications to individuals and our Western Shoshone hosts, substances could compromise medicine bundles of others.

Elders always go first at meal times. Please be considerate and watchful over this precious resource. Ask elders to share their thoughts during discussions, and respect their opinions.

We are a community, with a short time to get to know each other. A good way to do that is by offering to help. Two people can always stake down a flapping tent or carry a bucket of water much easier than one.

No Dogs in camp. If you must bring your animals please keep them secured in your camping area. Pets are never to be around sacred areas such as fire and ceremonial areas and are never to be around the kitchen.

No property destruction. That includes graffiti on the overpass and signs on the way to NTS front gate.

Protocols for Ceremonies and Sweat Lodges
Sunrise Ceremony: This ceremony is a traditional daily practice, which gives thanks for all that we enjoy and depend upon. The sacred fire must be respected- so do not put anything other than prayer tobacco into it. Please leave starting the fire and arranging the wood to the fire keeper. We move around the fire in a clockwise direction when we pray. Corbin asks that we each pray in our own way.

Sweat Lodge: The sweat lodge area is not a gathering place. Please go to the sweat lodge area only when you intend to participate in the ceremony. (Women on their moon cannot participate at this time). Respect the sacred fires. Once the fire is lit, the ceremony has begun. Please leave your shiny objects and adornments behind when going into the sweat lodge, as this may offend others participating in the ceremony and also may burn you in the lodge. Please respect the Sweat Leader, and ask them any questions or concerns you may have about the sweat. Please don't spit or get sick on the rocks- if it gets too hot for you, ask the sweat leader to open the door.

Sweat Clothing: Men wear shorts without shirts. Women's attire should be a sweat dress (shift/sun dress) or long skirt and top. Please keep your shoulders covered and bring a towel. Some extra clothing may be available- check with Registration. (No Nudity of any kind).

Everyday Clothing: Men must keep their shirts on at all times. No hats on men in circle. Women must not have bare shoulders, low cut tops or bare midriffs. These styles of dress are offensive to Shoshone people.

Women/ Moon Time: Women during their menstrual cycle do not enter food preparation or ceremonial areas. This is due to their heightened power at this time, which can overbalance others. This is traditional in many cultures. Friends can bring food to you. Please consider this a time of Women's reflection and rest. There will be a Women's Space/ Moon Lodge area to share stories, friendship and ideas. There there will be workshops and medicinal herbs available.

Radiation Risks
Medical and scientific experts differ on the risks of coming to the Test Site. The background radiation levels measured around the camp are similar to background radiation readings in the Las Vegas area. However, radiation is not safe at any dosage, so please take all possible precautions.

Precautions you can take to minimize exposure:
We strongly advise pregnant and nursing women and small children, or people with weak immune systems not to come to the NTS. Please do not bring your pets.
Stay out of wash areas and silty areas, as radionucleides can concentrate in these places.
Eat foods high in iodine such as seaweed or miso and take calcium. Saturating your body with "good" iodine and calcium prevents absorption of some radioactive isotopes.
Wash your hands and dishes before eating and always cover any food or water containers.
Do not stir up dust by digging, kicking, or running. Walk slowly on the land.
Launder all clothes and bedding as soon as possible to remove contamination.

If I choose to risk arrest at the NTS, I will participate in site-specific NV Training before taking action.
If I risk arrest, I recognize that I may face legal consequences, and am prepared to accept them.
I agree that I will not destroy property at the NTS during the gathering.
The Action Planning Meeting is the coordinating and decision-making body for group direct action tactics. I agree to follow it's decisions.
If my affinity group wishes to take independent action during the Gathering (May 9-12) they must be fully self-sufficient and agree to follow the guidelines.

The gates to the Test Site are only a short walk from camp, as are the many Wackenhut private security personnel. It helps to remember that they are also people with dreams and families, and appreciate courtesy just like we do.

Planning to enter NTS?
We strongly recommend all of the following:
A Western Shoshone land use permit.
Site-Specific Nonviolence Training, available at camp.
Prior contact with Peacekeeping volunteers.
An affinity group capable of providing all support and transportation for its members;
Adequate water, sunscreen, and warm clothing for prolonged exposure.

Camping Tips
Avoid camping and walking in washes and low lying areas where dust collects. Rain water from far away can come very quickly.
Please do not camp within the Ceremonial Area on the hilltop.
Please observe paths, to avoid damaging fragile desert terrain.

*Registration is $10 a day. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

I would like to pre-register, I will be bringing____friends.


I can offer rides from_____________ for ________ people.

I will not be able to attend, HERE IS MY DONATION:

$10 $25 $50 $100 $250 Other

volunteers needed in many areas, check with registration at camp:

I would like to Volunteer _____
I would like to give a workshop on______________.


SHUNDAHAI NETWORK--Dedicated to Breaking the Nuclear Chain
Shundahai is a Newe (Western Shoshone) word meaning "Peace and Harmony with all Creation"

Kalynda Tilges
Executive Director
Shundahai Network
1350 E. Flamingo Box 255
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Office: 702.369.2730
Fax: 702.369.5717
mailto: kalynda@shundahai.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.Shundahai.org
phone: phone: 702.369.2730
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