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Why Not a Feature on This? Critique of Portland Indymedia from Willamette Week

In this article on Willamette Week Online, Nick Budnick brings a detailed critique of the Portland Indymedia website: has it been taken over by an authoritarian "radical" clique and its open publishing spirit tainted by censorship of dissenting opinions?
Corporate Media Is the Disease by Nick Budnick (Willamette Week Online) Normally, if someone wants to slam my salary and belittle my bosses, my immediate impulse is to say, "Hold on, let's hit a bar so we can do this together." Unfortunately, whoever on March 27 accused me of slavish allegiance to my "pathetic WW paycheck" and "the agenda" of my "sick corporate masters" seemed unlikely to buy me drinks. "We have turned against YOU," the writer said. "See you on the streets. And I'll see you long before you ever see me." The threat came from an unexpected source: an anonymous posting on portland.indymedia.org, a website that is the hub of much of Portland's anti-war activism and a bulletin board for the city's do-gooder communities. read the full text (click here)

homepage: homepage: http://wweek.com/flatfiles/News3844.lasso

You missed it-- already happened 27.Apr.2003 00:21

paying attention

April 24th, the following feature, compiling lots of commentary on the WW article, was published:


Too Obvious? 27.Apr.2003 01:03


anonymous PDX Indymedia reader writes, "Why Not a Feature on This? Critique of Portland Indymedia from Willamette Week"

How about the front page feature titled "RESPONSE to WWeek Article"? It's on the front page, why not look there? It's on the front page.

anonymous (Nick Budnick)PDX Indymedia reader 27.Apr.2003 02:15

The Redcoat

Come on Nick, adimit it. You just want free publicity on Indymeda?

And could people please leave Brendon at the RAB alone? He just talks to Nick, he doesn't worship him.