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IMC operatives' RESPONSE to WWeek Article

my personal response to nick budnick's april 23rd article in the willamette week is below...
There were many emotions stirring within me as I read Nick Budnick's article "Corporate Media is the Disease." First off, I will let go of the fact that Mr. Budnick clearly had a personal axe to grind with spArk and Deva. That is obvious to any reader of the article. Instead, I want to comment on three important things that the article did not focus on: (1) First, Portland Indymedia keeps running through the actions of many, many AUTONOMOUS individuals. While acknowledging that spArk and Deva have and continue to work tirelessly on Portland Indymedia, what the article did not discuss is how countless others (from multiple countries) have put in thousands of hours of volunteer work to keep our virtual space alive. And not one of us has EVER received a cent for our work. I find it offensive, belittling and simply incorrect that the article suggests that the rest of us are merely drones following the "Pied Pipers". If the Mr. Budnick had cared to delve a little deeper, he would have discovered an army of dedicated activists (myself included) who proudly answer to no one but ourselves and perhaps god[dess]. (2) Second, related to the first item is the fact that Portland Indymedia is one of the most NON-HIERARCHICAL collectives of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. There is no legal organization, no titles, no hierarchy, and no rules. Instead, there are strong values and guidelines, mutual respect, tolerance, inclusiveness and a willingness to cooperate and listen to each other on all levels. The volunteers make an effort to really HEAR each other. Want something to change on Portland Indymedia? Then come on down to our weekly Saturday meetings at the Red & Black Café and GET INVOLVED. There is ALWAYS a place for you at our "virtual table". (3) Finally, one of the things that truly sets Indymedia apart from other forms of media is the fact that it is militantly NON-COMMERCIAL. We have never accepted advertising dollars and we never will. That allows us to follow our own CONSCIENCE, without being SLAVES to biased sponsors. If spArk or Deva were to approach the Portland Indymedia collective with a suggestion that we offer banner adverts on our site from the same sex industry that rings the cash registers for the Willamette Week, they would first be questioned if they had lost their minds, then examined for a government chip implant, and finally if they persisted they would be asked in no uncertain terms to end their involvement with our collective.

My involvement with Portland Indymedia over the last few months has been some of the most rewarding work of my life. I have the deepest respect for the thousands of Indymedia operatives and millions of activists worldwide who are working towards a future of hope---a GLOBAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT that grows by the day. As many activists say, "you are either part of the SOLUTION or part of the PROBLEM." I thank my comrades for being models of what it means to be part of the SOLUTION and not just one more cog in the wheels of the GLOBAL HYPER-CAPITALIST MACHINE.


Maybe there are some things about Indymedia that you don't like or want to change BUT I bet there are alot more things you like about Indymedia than the Fox channel or any other corporate press. Things are never going to be just the way you want but by berating the people who are working for the cause you are working against it. The only way we are going to make a difference is if we work together. Right now the too few rich and greedy have taken over America but we're not going to get the power back if we keep bashing people on our side! We have to start being kind to our liberal friends... and dare I say it d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t-s. Sorry to break it to you but we live in a two-party system, who is going to listen to us... the democrats or republicans? The only way to change the system is to work with it. Take a lesson from the Republicans... How were they able to get such a hold on our freedom? They started as moderates, attracting a broad population with similar views to their party. You will never win with extremes, not in the US anyway. Then as they became more powerful they used their influence to change the rules. Their policies began to reflect their extreme visions of Bush and Co. and only NOW are people starting to pay attention, but it's too late. They hold the power right now and we're helping them by bashing on the left. Don't bash newspapers/tv/radio etc for having a leftie on once awhile with accusations of 'thats not enough'...praise them for it. Encourage them to share more diverse opinions. If they get reprimanded everytime they get a liberal on then why would they continue?


listening to us 24.Apr.2003 15:03


"who is going to listen to us... the democrats or republicans?"

Given that we aren't a multinational corporation with a huge PAC budget, I think I'll take "neither" for 500, alex.

WeSlamIt Week 24.Apr.2003 15:38


I was going to post a long questioning of it, but time doesn't allow that. I still may.

The point that kept coming to mind as I read it was that obviously Portland Indymedia is having an effect, else the Establishment wouldn't be trying so hard to discredit it.


nick's revenge? 24.Apr.2003 17:26


I found the methodology of Budrick's article interesting: first he attempts to expose the culprits, the alleged leaders, and then tries to prove that these two individuals are the entire reason that folks continue to turn out for rallies in large numbers and are responsible for people rumbling on the cops. Then he quotes a few folks with axes to grind. This may work for an expose on a corrupt law firm or a cult but I don't see how it works here. I've come to believe that many people love conformity and habit as if it were a religious belief and feel that those who try and/or succeed at thinking and acting outside the box are heretics. I personally get quite a bit of info about actions in town from other lists (and there are a LOT of them!). WW is, as another poster says, your father's alternative newspaper; all those aging "edgy" columnists and their followers are pretty damn pitiful.

Yeah right reform capitalism 24.Apr.2003 19:12


Trying to reform government/capitalism/corporations is like trying to teach a pig to sing. You'll just frustrate yourself and annoy the pig. Democrats DO NOT support the the working class. They never have and never will! They'll only throw us bones to shut us up like dogs. How many elected Democrats do you know of that come from ghettos? People in power want to stay in power. No matter how many,"Please mister don't exploit me and my family."s you utter they are not listening to us.
No, reform is NOT MY "cause"!
Freedom and justice are my cause!
The above mentioned systems are fundementally opposed to freedom, justice, and the working class and must therefore be done away with!

questions need to be answered 26.Apr.2003 06:40

the question


//The response, with its anti-violence message, soon disappeared--apparently removed by someone operating the website.

Only the threat remained.//

is this true?