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Iran denies ties to Bader Brigade fighters, Iraqi Islamic state

"We at the Higher Council do not call for an Islamic state, but rather for a democratic one that respects Islam and the Iraqi people's doctrines."
Source: Iranians are already cooperating with Americans; Bader Brigade fighters not allowed to enter Iraq
Albawaba.com, 24-04-2003

An official at the Islamic Revolution Council in Iraq told Al Bawaba Thursday that none of its fighters from the Bader Brigade - the council's military wing - have infiltrated into Iraq. Meanwhile, Iran warned the US marines against crossing into its borders, following a Pentagon announcement that US forces have started border patrols aimed at 'preventing Iran or Iranian backed forces' from entering southern Iraq to destabilize the Shiite population in the country.

The representative of the Islamic Revolution Council in Iraq, Hammed al Bayati, described the American claims as false while also denying any Iranian role in training the Bader Brigade. "These statements are contradictory as the Bader Brigade never did receive training in Iran, but rather were trained by former Iraqi officers," said Bayati, adding that the Americans had already made it clear to Iran its position against sending Iranian agents into Iraq.

"The Bader Brigade has nothing to do with this matter." The council representative confirmed his forces have not entered Iraq due to the restrictions imposed on them by the Iranian government, which are in response to American pressure."

"Over the past three months we have tried to convince the Iranian government to allow us to cross the borders but they refused as their official stance was to stay neutral in the war and avoid involvement," said Bayati. He added, "some time ago we informed the Americans that some of the Bader forces were already in Iraq [prior to the start of the war]." "When these forces, in collaboration with the Iraqi people, started to move against the US military presence in Iraq, Washington began creating excuses to strike them and hence justify its needed presence in Iraq."

The millions Shiite Muslims who participated in the pilgrimage to the Shiite holy City of Karbala this week have aroused American concerns about the possibility of Tehran encouraging the establishment of an Islamic state in Iraq similar to the Iranian model. However Bayati views these concerns as exaggerated. "We at the Higher Council do not call for an Islamic state, but rather for a democratic one that respects Islam and the Iraqi people's doctrines. If they [Americans] are afraid of that, they may be exaggerating or perhaps want to use this as pretext to keep Islamists away from the Iraqi political arena," said Bayati.

"Although the US forces try to monitor the Iraqi Iranian borders to prevent infiltration, these borders are very long and porous" he concluded, hinting that the US forces may have an uphill battle to 'fight' vis--vis the Iranian angle.

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