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Cuban embassy staff attack Paris demonstration

Robert Menard, the secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders, said he was shocked by the violence.
Cuban embassy staff attack Paris demo

PARIS, April 24 (AFP) - Employees of the Cuban embassy in Paris exchanged blows with a group of demonstrators who gathered Thursday to protest against a recent wave of prison sentences passed on political dissidents.

Staff used sledge-hammers to smash chains attached by the protesters to the embassy railings and scuffles broke out in which the secretary-general of the group Reporters Without Borders, Robert Menard, was hit on the head, although not seriously injured. As the demonstration ended, he told AFP he was shocked by the violence.

The government of Fidel Castro has come under widespread international condemnation for a crackdown on dissidents in which more than 70 people have received long jail terms.

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what a shitty socialist paradise 24.Apr.2003 10:32

Fidel no es mi comandante

Unfortunately, most of the readers on this board support the regime of their beloved comandante Castro. If we started executing people the DAY AFTER their conviction, all the whining leftists on the board would throw another hissy fit, but if Castro does that, Portland Indymedia becomes more pro-death penalty than George Bush.

kind of like... 24.Apr.2003 14:13


The way you guys all suddenly become champions of the right to disruptively protest when your Mensa friend GWB isn't the target?