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AUDIO FILE: Dennis Kucinich on Flashpoints

Flashpoints interview with candidate for president Dennis Kucinich, April 23, 2003; KPFA 94.7 FM; runtime: 18:25, 32kpbs mp3
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Loved it! 24.Apr.2003 10:36

Jack Straw

Loved it! Especially when Kucinich placed himself in the tradition of Democratic Party policies like the New Deal, the New Frontier and the Great Society, policies designed by the Council on Foreign Relations, intended to control growing social unrest via a few innocuous reforms which left the power structure untouched, while pushing imperialist policies abroad. And no one asked him why he did not vote against the House resolution backing not only the troops but Bush's policies.

but he still should be supported 24.Apr.2003 12:38


no other candidate that has a chance to win (and his is slim, but hijacking the Democratic Party is the only way)

he's not perfect, but he should be supported

diversity of tactics folks..... don't be so zealous in your ideology