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Police Hold Peace Camp Protest Signs as "Evidence"

On Wednesday afternoon April 23rd, Portland Peace Encampment representatives attempted to retrieve their signs, chairs, umbrellas and other equipment from the Portland Police Property Warehouse. However, they left empty handed because the seized property is now considered "Evidence" for a crime for which no one at the Encampment has ever been cited or arrested.
The officers at the Portland Police Property Warehouse said that they were unable to release any seized property until the "arresting" officer J. Lile (Badge 38941) releases the evidence. They also stated that Officer Lile works from 10pm until 8am. The case number listed on both the property receipts from the April 14th and 23rd raids is 03-33402.

The first item listed on the property receipt is "(2) wooden signs" which includes the Portland Peace Encampment Mission Statement. Another of the seized items was a purse owned by one of the Peace Campers containing her ID and money. It was thrown into a trash barrel that was seized and listed on the property receipt as "containing misc. items -> NO VALUABLES <-".

This is all becoming quite outrageous and a little Pythonesque: "Help! Help! I'm being Oppressed! Come see the Violence Inherent in the System!!" As King Arthur concluded, we all are just a bunch of "Bloody Peasants!"

At this point we need donations of chairs, umbrellas, signs and, most importantly, people to wave them. Please bring all donations by the Peace Encampment at SW 4th and Jefferson, across from City Hall.

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please join the vigil even for a short time 23.Apr.2003 22:07


I spent a couple hours down at the peace camp late afternoon/early evening. Recently I told someone that I had been spending more time down at the peace camp as of late. She said "Are there still homeless people down there?" Even after seeing her disgusted facial expression, I gave her some slack and tried to believe that she wasn't trying to be derogatory. A few hours later, I realized that she was 1) making an assumption that people at the peace camp are homeless and don't have "real" jobs or , 2) hadn't considered that fighting for the Bill of Rights is a full time job...one that I openly and honestly admit I've been asleep on, and 3) that somehow even if everybody at the peace camp was homeless and jobless, their voice was diminished somehow.

I explained that people at the peace camp are people and their voice is important, regardless of what their situation is. Just pissed me off.

The message I'm trying to convey here is that if more people attend the peace camp, especially at night and early morning, maybe the police will be less likely to confiscate people's personal belongings.

I'm planning on being down there early Thursday morning, and again Thursday evening through Friday morning. Please stop by, even if it's for just a couple hours. It's across from City Hall on SW 4th between SW Jefferson and Madison.