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Who are the Americans Against World Empire?

The original COMMITTEE TO AVERT A MIDEAST HOLOCAUST had many giants (see below) of the long fight for freedom from communism abroad and statism at home.
Who We Are and Disclaimer
Americans Against World Empire, Inc.

Our principle Board Members and many on our Advisory Council represent a continuation of the Committee to Avert a Mideast Holocaust, founded in l990 at the time of the First Gulf War by the late Phil Nicolaides (see below), by author and columnist Joseph Sobran, and by long time conservative activist Jon Basil Utley.

Joseph Sobran is one of the most respected leaders of America's conservative revival. He served for nearly 20 years with NATIONAL REVIEW, 18 years as Senior Editor when it grew to become a major force in American politics. He broke with the magazine over its support of Middle East war policies and American empire. From 1979 to 1991, Mr. Sobran was a regular commentator on CBS Radio's "Spectrum" series. He is the noted author of ALIAS SHAKESPEARE, a syndicated columnist with Universal Press Syndicate and editor of SOBRAN'S, a monthly newsletter. He also lectures and writes a weekly column, "Washington Watch," for the WANDERER, a weekly Catholic newspaper. See the SOBRAN'S webpage for more information. Sobran is one of the most respected and courageous conservative journalists in America.

Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr. is a noted writer and economist. He is President of the distinguished LUDWIG VON MISES INSTITUTE in Auburn, Alabama, one of the main centers in the world for the study and teaching of free market Austrian Economics (see  http://www.mises.org). The Center conducts many seminars and lectures. It is one of the major reasons for the spread of free market economics and the current economic prosperity in the world. Formerly, Mr. Rockwell was chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), senior editor of the Conservative Book Club and Arlington House, Publishers, and public affairs director for Hillsdale College. He is a columnist and was long time editor of the ROTHBARD-ROCKWELL REPORT, founded by himself and the great free market economist and philosopher, Murray Rothbard. He is one of the foremost libertarian thinkers and writers in America. He now also edits  http://www.LewRockwell.com, a premier internet site.

Jon Basil Utley, Robert A. Taft Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, studied history under the legendary Professor Carroll Quigley at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, followed by language studies in Germany, France and Cuba. He was a former foreign correspondent in South America for the JOURNAL OF COMMERCE and Knight-Ridder newspapers. Before that he was a Branch Manager in Cali, Colombia for American International Group (insurance). Later he founded Colombia's first English language newspaper and worked as a foreign correspondent in South America for Knight-Ridder Newspapers. He has served on the Board of Directors or Advisory Councils of many leading conservative and libertarian organizations including:-- Accuracy in Media, Conservative Caucus, Council for Inter-American Security, Ethics & Public Policy Center, Reason Foundation, Solidarity America. He was a contributing editor of CONSERVATIVE DIGEST and Associate Editor of THE TIMES OF THE AMERICAS. He has been published in the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, WASHINGTON POST, WASHINGTON TIMES, NATIONAL REVIEW, HUMAN EVENTS, INSIGHT, BOGOTA BULLETIN, LIMA TIMES, EL SALVADOR GAZETTE, etc.

The Advisory Board includes:
* Doug Bandow - columnist and scholar
* Burton Blumert - founder and President of the Center for Libertarian Studies (PO Box 4091, Burlingame, CA 94010), which now sponsors the famous website, ANTIWAR.COM
* Peter Gemma - a fund raising and public relations counsel for non-profit groups, advocacy organizations, and political candidates
* Justin Raimondo - the noted libertarian writer and author; is editor of  http://www.antiwar.com
* Dr. Ralph Raico - Professor of History at State University of New York at Buffalo and author of the forthcoming, CLASSICAL LIBERALISM--- HISTORICAL ESSAYS IN POLITICAL ECONOMY
* Eric Brodin - author and President of the Foundation for International Studies
* Ronald N. Neff - Senior editor of THE LAST DITCH a libertarian periodical focusing on social and political issues, and the author of POLITE TOTALITARIANISM AND OTHER ESSAYS
* Professor Paul Gottfried - author of the forthcoming AFTER LIBERALISM
* Princeton University Press, and other distinguished conservative and libertarian intellectuals and leaders.

This Website ( http://www.againstbombing.org) is dedicated to the memory of four of the giant men in the fight against tyranny and imperialist war, Phil Nicolaides, Henry Regnery, Murray Rothbard and Tom Paine.

The original COMMITTEE TO AVERT A MIDEAST HOLOCAUST had many giants (see below) of the long fight for freedom from communism abroad and statism at home. The COMMITTEE itself is now disbanded in that the holocaust has happened with the deaths of over a million Iraqis and other Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Moslems and Christians.

PHIL NICOLAIDES was appointed by President Reagan as Deputy Director of the VOICE OF AMERICA. He had been political strategist and campaign manager for the breakthrough campaigns of James Buckley of New York and Phil Gramm of Texas. He served in the Reagan White House staff and had a long and honorable career as a journalist and political theorist in the conservative and anti-Communist movements and was an editor for Accuracy in Media.

HENRY REGNERY was the renowned publisher who kept the flames of liberty alive during the late 40's and early 50's as one of only two publishers of anti-statist and anti-Communist books. His first best sellers in l950, GOD AND MAN AT YALE by William F. Buckley and THE CHINA STORY by Freda Utley were the first breakthroughs on the domestic and international fronts, respectively, against the stifling control by the leftist/statist media in book publishing and book reviewing. Young people today would find it impossible to comprehend how news and ideas used to be "controlled" by a few media outlets in New York and Washington. He was a major contributor to the Committee to Avert a Middle East Holocaust.

Dr. MURRAY ROTHBARD, economist and philosopher, was one of the most dedicated and consistent fighters for freedom and for free markets all his life. He was one of the first supply side economists and the author of dozens of books. He was a founder of the Libertarian Party and was known worldwide for his incisive writings, his scholarship and his wit.

TOM PAINE was one of the intellectual giants who founded the American republic. His pamphlet, COMMON SENSE, was, when published, the largest selling book in human history after the Bible. As government in Washington grows ever more dictatorial (under both Parties) we should remember his maxim, "I know not whether taxes are raised to fight wars, or wars are started in order to raise taxes." Today he might paraphrase it "I know not whether taxes are raised to fight terrorists, or whether terrorism is generated in order to increase the power and taxes of government."

Original members of the Advisory Board of the COMMITTEE TO AVERT A MIDEAST HOLOCAUST included:
* Henry Regnery, the great publisher.
* Ron Paul of Texas. The Honorable Congressman Paul was a former libertarian candidate for President and is a noted free market economist. He is considered one of the most politically brave and philosophically consistent members in Congress today.
* William A. Niskannen, Chairman of the CATO Institute, earlier on was an architect of supply side economics having served on former President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors.
* Thomas Fleming, a classical scholar and historian, is Editor of CHRONICLES.
* Sheldon Richman was a contributing editor to Liberty and Vice President of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is now Editor of THE FREEMAN. He is the author of SEPARATING SCHOOL AND STATE: How to Liberate America's Families.
* Robert Hessen was a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution.
* Phillip Collier, Middle East scholar
* Colin Hunter, the very noted conservative author
* John Chamberlain
* Fran Griffin, Public Affairs Consultant and publisher of SOBRAN's. A long time conservative activist since being Illinois State Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom.

Past Conferences: Anti-war CONFERENCE in California 6/12
Tapes available from the Center for Libertarian Studies, (800) 325-7257 $89

We welcome donations to help pay for advertising and promoting our site and other expenses. In the past we have advertised in:
and other leading magazines.

Please send your not tax-deductible donations to:
Americans Against World Empire, Inc.
3220 N Street, N.W. Suite 281
Washington, D.C. 20007

homepage: homepage: http://www.againstbombing.org/bios.htm

American Nationalists Shills 23.Apr.2003 18:37


The People against a "World Empire" are Right Wing Isolationists, Libertarian Nationalists, and other political trojan horses who are attempting to hijack and coopt the antiwar movement to advance their ideology--under the cover of opposing war.

What they fail to mention is 1). War is fundamentally caused by their beloved capitalist system in which rival nation states are in competition for resources, markets, and influence 2). The so-called "World Empire" they oppose is in fact an *American* Empire through and through and serves American interests. Opposing war on the basis of American Nationalism or "America First" (like that idiot Justin Raimondo does at antiwar.com) is the worst thing one can do, as American Nationalism is intrinsically connected to American militarism and American Empire.

Self-Importance... 23.Apr.2003 19:12


...and right-wing propaganda. Yechhh.

what (2) 23.Apr.2003 22:55


"War is fundamentally caused by their beloved capitalist system in which rival nation states are in competition for resources, markets, and influence"

then why do capitalist nations never fight eachother, and non-capitalist nations fight eachother a whole bunch?