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Bush Advisor: Kerry Looks French

A New York Times report said that one of President Bush's advisers said Kerry looks French, and that he has a haughty air about him.
BOSTON -- Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry said that the White House has started the politics of personal destruction against him.

A New York Times report said that one of President Bush's advisers said Kerry looks French, and that he has a haughty air about him.

Kerry brushed off the political insult, and said he even laughed about it.
France has become a frequent target in the United States because of its opposition to the war against Iraq.
The Times report also said Bush strategists believe Kerry probably will win the Democratic presidential nomination, and they plan to attack him as being culturally out of step with the rest of the country.

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Kerry Doesn't Have to Worry 23.Apr.2003 15:25

Lars the Infidel

I still can't stomach why Kerry voted for Bush's invasion. However, if he has the wherewithal and the inner resources, he can beat Shrub. And the unelected bastard knows it.

The resident's military macho trump card is useless against Kerry, a highly decorated Vietnam vet. They can't touch him on his patriotic and combat military bonne fides.

If Kerry is still a real fighter, and there's no reason to think he isn't, he can beat Bush.

Do we really want a cut throat 23.Apr.2003 19:08


This is the guy who is proud to have operated as a
assassin in Vietnam. Is still proud of it in fact.
Does the phrase Operation Phoenix ring a bell?
There MUST be a better choice.

Wrong Kerry 23.Apr.2003 22:19


Operation Phoenix involved Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, not Mass. Sen. John Kerry. I was mistaken about this for awhile also.

John Kerry credentials 24.Apr.2003 14:48


John Kerry was the first president of Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Kerry Looks French 08.Mar.2004 14:15

LA citizen

Perhaps the Anglo-Saxon Republicans should remember that the NE and Louisiana are full of AMERICANS of French descent who would be more than offended at such near-racist comments.

to look French ??? 12.Sep.2004 07:38

Frédéric Masse - Milhaud France fred.masse@club-internet.fr

Some peole in the USA say "Kerry looks French" . First, as a Frenchman, i don't know what It means. but let's try to understand. Kerry is slim, tall, good looking and can use his brain... Yes he looks French!
If Kerry "looks French", I think REAl candidates must look americans... Just like Scwarteneger in California (But I think ne looks German), when Dukakis was andidate for the democrats in the eighties I dont remember people saying "he looks greek" and so on ...
Behind the stinking and racist "He looks French" there is a new things to say to the W.A.S.P in the USA

they look fascist