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Anarchist Guerilla Permaculture/Urban Gardening Experiment?

I published this because it's a subject that I've been pretty fascinated by for awhile. I have very little experience, but would like to work on this with more people over the summer.
My own personal picture of this would have the growing done with frequent tending, in currently wasted city space, like squatting for our friends in the flora kingdom! Does anyone one out there feel inclined to do this, or have some experience or advice they would like to provide.
Great! 23.Apr.2003 15:00


This is already going on all over the city. If we keep up at the present course, we may have a self-reliant city within 10 years (these things grow exponentially!)

There are two tactics that I would encourage:

i roving, low-intensity improvements: mainly stuff that will grow itself once you install it. Seed balls, grafting edible scions onto horticultural trees, etc.

ii develop an efficient, erganomic core around your place of dwelling (if you have one.)

You see, there are many little cores that are being developed and, once established, their yeilds can go towards reinforcing interconnnected pathways.

Keep up the good work!

I'm interested 23.Apr.2003 15:01


I'm interested...and SE Uplift has some natural building projects going on that include permaculture communities in the city. Give them a call. If you want more discussion on what you find, post it here.

I know that there are people talking about this concept of creating a permaculture in the city all the time. I heard a discussion on KBOO the other day. It was so fascinating. Now I wish people would move forward and get a face-to-face discussion and link with people who are already doing it.

Would'nt it be cool if our tax dollars paid for a permaculture community instead of HUD low-income housing which is near to prison as you can get.

PDX Anarchist Gardening and Gleaning Coll. 23.Apr.2003 18:32

michaelb mbthink@hotmail.com

Ok--- I can see that there's a lot of interest in this. My partner Jemma from Anti Capitalist Action is gonna call a meeting for the end of the week- probably sunday. There's already six people that have joined this collective. If we're gonna meet our goals we'll need alot more. One preposal was to include a midicinal herb garden among the yard garden network so that we'll be able to eventually organize a sustainable pharmacy. Some other preposals were that we expand the food box network- and organize a poverty free store. This collective is of the anarchist community support network. A local network of DIY anarchist collectives where we work to learn and teach in a manner free of hierarchy. This local network is commited to challenging the capitalist system and any government that supports it.
This Thursday there will be a benefit show for the anti war arrestees. Bands include Pikadoi from Pittsburgh PA (screamy emo hardcore), Morse Code Heartbeat, and They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In They Snow. Door is 4 dollars. Starts at 7 PM at 5921 N Albina (near Ablina and Ainsworth) Contact  pdxaca@ziplip.com for info. Anarchist Cooking and Baking will be making food for this event. They will be cooking food for a benefit show on thursday (tomorrow) for the Jail Support collective. TO COOK Meet at EAT house (3918 SE Boise - btwn Holgate and Gladstone) at 3PM or so.
The Anarchist Carpentry Collective is organizing to build community spaces at intersections this summer. And trying to organize the building of a street corner shelter for immigrant day laborers.
As we speak PDX Brew Bloc is brewing like 30 Gallons of beer for the revolutionary art conference that should be going on a couple weeks after mayday. They're also sampling a mighty fine porter that was brewed earlier. To come brew contact max at 503-777-5175
PDX Anarchist Gardening and Gleaning  pdxagg@lists.riseup.net

PDX BREWBLOC  pdxbrewbloc@lists.riseup.net

PDX Anarchist Cooking & Baking Collective (A.C.B.C.)  pdxacbc@lists.riseup.net

PDX Anarchist Carpentry Collective  pdxacc@lists.riseup.net

Gardening and Gleaning Collective Meeting 23.Apr.2003 19:44


For all those that are interested, the first meeting of the Anarchist Gradening and Gleaning collective will be this coming Sunday ( the 27th) at 6pm, vegan potluck! It will be at Raymond house, which is at 3735 SE Raymond ( 4 blocks S. of Holgate, 1 block W. of 39th). We're looking into collectively growing food and medicinal herbs, gleaning the overflowing dumpsters and store rejects, and creating a distribution network and freestore. We have great work to do in forging community alliances so resources get to those most in need of them. Looking forward to collaborating in mutual aid!

Guerilla Gardening 23.Apr.2003 22:04


In farming my yard, I've discovered some vegies that would happily grow just about anywhere: arugula, collard greens, and baby bok choy. These are easy-to-grow, resilient plants that will literally grow like weeds. And they are all nutritious, tasty, and attractive! The arugula has naturalized itself in my yard- I let it go to seed and it has beautiful masses of white flowers that look like baby's breath- a truly wonderful plant!

And oh yes- grow fava beans! You can plant them in spring or fall, the leaves are edible like spinach, the flowers are white, black, and purple, and the beans can be eaten fresh like a broadbean or they can be dried. It's a gorgeous little plant that grows 3-5 feet tall. And they overwinter here. They require practically zero care.

Nasturtiums and mint will also grow pretty much anywhere with very little care. Also sorrel, as long as it's in a semi-shady spot.

I also eat dandelions. I got a laugh out of the fact that Nature's is selling dandelion greens for- I forget what- about $2 a lb I think it was ;-) The secret to good tasting dandelion greens is to eat them when they're young and tender, and eat the outer part of the leaf rather than the inner core which is more bitter.

Here's to anarchy in the garden!

The Problem is the Solution! 23.Apr.2003 23:05


Hey folks. Y'all might want to looking into a friendship with the Portland Permaculture Guild. The Guild meets on the 3rd
Monday of each month at Pacific Crest Community School, which is at NE 29th and Davis. The potluck starts at 6:00, and the meeting agenda starts at 7:00

The guild has just started out, but there are many different pods working on different projects- someone suggested spending an evening learning about gurilla gardening!

Check it out.