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What's up with May Day?

Is there anything being organized for May Day this year?
Did the city take out a permit for it?
Here you go 23.Apr.2003 14:21


Everyone will get together at the north park blocks at 2:30 and march at 4. I've heard that the carpenters union has already made nearly 1000 signs! I've also heard that it's going to be pretty big.

Oh, and... 23.Apr.2003 14:24


To my understanding the unions have decided not to pick up a permit, so I suppose the city probably will, or not, who cares. This is OUR DAY, and if the police try something it probably won't turn out well for them.

signs? 23.Apr.2003 14:55

haven't seen any

Where can I get signs? I go to school at PSU and haven't seen anything around.

From the Corporate Media 23.Apr.2003 15:21

Portland Tribune

May Day marchers ready
Organizers of this year's May Day rally and march have decided to take out a city parade permit. Some previous events have been marred by controversies about permit requirements and clashes with police.
This year's May 1 events largely are being organized by representatives from several labor unions, including Local 247 of the Carpenters Union. According to union official Pete Savage, the decision to seek a permit was made to avoid problems with the police and to encourage families to attend.
The rally will start at 2:30 p.m. May 1 in the North Park Blocks, with the parade scheduled for 4:30 p.m.