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Fox News Channel Caught Stealing Iraqi Art

An engineer for Fox News was charged with stealing paintings from the people of Iraq. A U.S. serviceman was also caught attempting to ship stolen items home from Iraq.
Those wacky engineers at the Fox News Channel...What's next for our favorite well balanced corporate news source? Tax evasion charges against Sean Hannity? Story: www.newsday.com

Federal affidavit online at: www.thesmokinggun.com

"Several members of the media and a U.S. serviceman have been caught attempting to ship Iraqi paintings, weapons and other war souvenirs to America, U.S. authorities said Wednesday."

"At least 15 paintings, gold-plated firearms, ornamental knives, bonds and other items have been seized at airports in Washington, Boston and London in the last week, according to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. Items seized in the military case were flown to Fort Stewart, Ga."

"Benjamin James Johnson, who worked as an engineer for Fox News Channel, is the only person charged or identified by the government."

"Johnson initially told Customs officials he was given the paintings by Iraqi citizens, then said he had planned to keep them "for decoration" and to provide one to his employer, the affidavit said. It is U.S. policy that all such items belong to the Iraqi people."

For the full story check the newsday link.