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Lets start a local boycott of advertisers that buy time on local, rightwing talk shows. If it works, lets take it nationally ala Rush Limbaugh etc.
I'm sick of these brain dead morons (Lars Larson or Greg Clapper) having the air time and availability to the public to insult, demean, and in many cases, libel folks. They are free to lie, distort, and manipulate the truth without any requirement for "equal time". That important safeguard was removed by the Reagan Administration. Our (progressive and liberal) talk shows are few and far between and main stream media is really not interested in fair and balanced. What to do. How to somehow put our political hands around these revolting people's necks and silence them or better still, make the stations that carry them offer rebuttals to thier outrageous statements. How about posting a list of the advertisers on these noxious shows and inviting people to write them (the advertisers) and state that until there is equal time provided for responce, their business will be boycotted. These radio managers only pay attention to the bottom line. If their ad spots get canceled, they wake up real fast. Also, advertisers are very sensative to the loss of customers. They'll get it real quick if thousands of letters are sent to them that say:

"I'm sure you make a decent and competitive product. I've been your customer for years. However, I can no longer buy or use your product until you remove your participation on the Greg Clapper Show. Mr. Clapper abuses the truth, insults guests that offer proof of his mis-statements, and has become a hod carrier for the ultra right wing of our country. At the very least, he should be challanged with equal time and rational thought. If you believe in democracy and fairness, you will make your concerns known to the management of KTOK radio and remove your financial support. I'll be pleased to become a customer again once we have balanced the commentary. And, I'll be pleased to become a walking, talking endorser of your business as one that responds to reason, rationality, and responsibility."

Like moveon.com, lets start a grass roots revolution
Let me explain it to you... 23.Apr.2003 14:18

Trilox Woodsman

Most people here don't buy the products they advertise on those two programs and I doubt they even listen to right-wing AM radio talkshow anyway. Lars Larson happens to be a friend of mine but I don't always agree with him on everything he says. On the other hand, Greg Clapper's voice just bugs me and I can't listen to him for more than a few minutes. Needless to say, he talks a lot but never really says anything. To tell you the truth I don't know what to think of Michael Savage. He makes a few valid points now and then between the rants & raves but most of the time he just rambles on.

I have a better idea instead of a boycott. Organize a group of people together and start your own AM radio station. Either that or support KBOO. They have a never ending stream of liberal programming you might like.

Dammit, Trilox! 23.Apr.2003 16:26


Now I have Greg Clapper's irritating voice in my head from his inane political commercials from 2000! "They FORCE us to pay a TAX on a TAX!"


Darnit... 23.Apr.2003 19:50

Trilox Woodsman

"Now I have Greg Clapper's irritating voice in my head from his inane political commercials from 2000! "They FORCE us to pay a TAX on a TAX!""

You jerk, I forgot all about that one and now its doing an instant replay in my mind... heh heh

Freedom of Speech 23.Apr.2003 20:14

Tree Topper

Everyone has the freedom of speech. Without both sides of the story how would anyone be able to draw his/her own conclusions. Don't talk about trying to stop someone from speaking out, do the same and get your own radio spot. Not everyone wants to be like you, just as not everyone wants to be like me. However, by trying to stop this person from speaking your demonstrating that your view are the only right ones and everyone else should think your way.

In respnse to Tree Topper 24.Apr.2003 09:23

Bad Penny

I could not agree more with your first comment, everyone does have, or at least deserves the freedom of speech. And while I believe there are often more that two sides to every story, you are right that people need to be exposed to multiple perspectives on an issue to make reasonable conclusions. In fact, up to you last sentence your argument is incredibly reasonable. The last sentence however, is fallacious. Trying to stop X from speaking does not reasonable lead to the conclusion that Y feels their views are the only right ones. Perhaps you could draw from that premise that that Y believes X to be wrong, but you really can't logically take it any further than that.

In any case, if you omit the fallacious sentence, you will see that you are in fact restating the case of the original poster. Tom is proposing a method to create a situation where one could turn on the radio and find arguments from multiple perspectives, thus allowing the masses to make informed, reasonable conclusions, which, you will obviously recall is one of the fundemental premises of your argument.