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Police Raid Peace Camp Again *Corrected*

At 6am Wednesday April 23, the Portland Police raided the Portland Peace Encampment across from City Hall at SW 4th and Jefferson. Again. The police seized everything, including personal items. However, the police ignored the Bill of Rights sign. Again. Even though the police physically removed some demonstrators from chairs, no one was even cited for violating any law, nor were any grounds given for the seizure
Earlier on Tuesday, April 22nd, Peace Camp demonstrators had managed to retrieve the signs, chairs, and other equipment that was seized previously in the April 14th raid Most of that recovered equipment was moved to storage, but protest signs (including the Portland Peace Encampment mission statement) two chairs and a folding table were set up back at Peace Camp.

The police did not give the Peace Camp a property receipt during the raid, even though several demonstrators pointed out that personal property was being seized. Only by calling Central Precinct after the raid was a receipt issued, although no owner was listed.

Peace Camp continues to protest across from City Hall. They will attempt to get the seized property back from the police as soon as possible. Any and all help and donations are welcome. Please call (503-823-4120), fax (503-823-3588) or e-mail ( mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us) Mayor Katz' office to protest this latest illegal police search and seizure.

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posted what I could 23.Apr.2003 14:34


Just Posted what I knew andy. I was half asleep when it was going on and to busy rushing to recover items.

POWER AND CONTROL 24.Apr.2003 00:13

fed up

Tax payer, you get on down the road - sick of reading your judgemental, misinformed, stereotypical crap! Get it, your ugly comments are not helping anyone or anything.

Hey, try to be part of the solution instead of the problem. Do something constructive like taking a look at your own stuff, seems to be enough there to keep you busy for a while.

Tax Payer doesn't get it 24.Apr.2003 07:11

King Mob

I would like to send my solidarity to the peace-loving members of the United States from South Africa, where the right to protest is entrenched in the constitution and was instrumental in the overthrow of a facist government that was covertly funded by various US administrations. I would like to say to TAX PAYER that the world is watching your government and is fearful of the way it is running roughshod over international law and killing innocent men women and children. We in South Africa understand terror, but we also understand repression, which is something you Americans are suffering under but do not see. At least your so-called "Peacenicks" know that you cannot kill, maim and slaughter in the name of bringing democracy to a country. Wake up, Tax Payer, before it is too late and the tears and blood of the world drown your country's future! Stop watching so much CNN, it tells you only what you want to see.

defending the Bill of Rights...it's a job 24.Apr.2003 08:21


To TAXPAYER...Why do you assume that everyone at the peace camp doesn't have a "job"? Some folks down there are defending the Bill of Rights and that is a full time job. Other folks like me have a job that you'd find "acceptable", but I still make the time to be at the peace camp.

Dissent, like what the peace camp is doing, is the only reason you're experiencing any of your current freedoms, but beware...the government has much more control over your life than you realize.

You have been sloughing off in your job to defend those freedoms and the Patriot Act, along with it's future evil children, will rob you of every freedom.

Taxpayer, take a time out, a shower, and step up to the plate on your job to defend civil liberties. YOu've been doing a terrible job:)

The USA's Half Republic 24.Apr.2003 09:20

Stephen Neitzke stephen@ddleague-usa.net

For the 400 years that it took for the ancient Roman Republic to rise to greatness, they were governed by sovereign citizen lawmaking limiting strong representative govt. The Roman Republic experience defines 'republic' for all time. 'Republic' is the combination of sovereign citizen lawmaking AND strong rep govt.

Our framers refused to consider traditional republican governance. They gave us this half republic, more nearly modeled on the Roman Empire than on the Roman Republic. By cutting out citizen lawmaking, they ensured governance of, by, and for the elites.

Since 1891, Swiss national governance has been "traditional republican governance". No matter what you think of the Swiss, their governance has been very successful.

Since our "Reform Era", circa 1898-1918, seventeen US states have gained constitutional rights to the Roman/Swiss "traditional republican governance". Unfortunately, dirty tricks by state govt elitists in the "administration" of citizen lawmaking unconstitutionally delay, alter, or reject any citizen-proposed law that is offensive to money-power.

The dirty tricks keep down the state-level issue resolutions that could help us influence national-level politics. But once you know what to look for, the unconstitutional dirty tricks are easy to spot.

Now we have a presidential admin filled with extremists -- not neocons -- who think wars of aggression are just peachy. The 1950 "Nuremberg Principles"? International law? Forget you. The US is now an aggressor nation on the bad-company list with Hitler Germany and Tojo Japan.

So the old/new international precedent is re-set. Our 50-year work toward cooperation of nations is gone. We can only hope that Russia and China don't get together over the conviction that the US needs a regime change to rid the world of that evil-doer, GW Bush.

Just getting together for a demonstration doesn't work anymore. We the sovereign people had better get more raw political power, before it's too late.

We need to shift gears so that we do both demonstrations and reform. (1) Diselect Bush by getting our the vote from the 100 million who did not vote in Election 2000, with a campaign of tough love pledges to influence more legislators. (2) Begin a litigation and constitutional amendment counterattack against the unconstitutional disruption of state-level citizen lawmaking. (3) Begin discussions of the state-level legislation that will allow we the sovereign people to control a national-level 2nd Constitutional Convention -- to meld sovereign citizen lawmaking with a still-strong, but more-regulated representative govt.

The plan and its supporting arguments are in the DDL's intro essay, "State OF The Republic", at  http://www.ddleague-usa.net.

TO: Tax Payer 24.Apr.2003 19:39

Ben Maras

TO: Tax Payer
TO: Tax Payer

I know... 24.Apr.2003 19:51

Ben Maras

I know it was juvenile, I just couldn't resist