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Inescapable Facts

Rhetoric doesn't create reality. The creative mind, the patient soul and the productive hands do that. When will we go out from the verbal production inherited from the Mamluks? After all that... isn't it time for the Arab conscious to mature?
Inescapable Facts
Al Ansari, Dar Al-Hayat, 2003/04/23

Arab consciousness, with its leaders and its peoples, should think deep about the Arab "vocal" phenomenon and its continuous noise caused by the American "actions" in Iraq, to conclude from this continuous and renewed act - in our history - the main facts still unknown to this conscious, for it is incompetence, or the intellectual and advertising incompetence of those who have it. It is a conscious, or perhaps an "unconscious", that carries a big responsibility of the disasters the Arabs keep on living. It is true that the one who can't learn from his experiences and can't find the right results is "handicapped" and he should treat and admit it without remorse, if he wants to be healed.

Here are the main facts, and we stress that they are true facts in our world, denying them would mean the loss the nation is living and the insults hitting it step by step:

First, the U.S., UK, Israel and other superpowers, are naturally, powers with ambitions, working for their sole interests. There is no virtuous benevolent power and another perfidious avid one through history. The Arab comments about these powers' hostility are irrelevant and not new. They state the saying "he explained nothing with nothing, after the disaster"! Didn't we already know that? Didn't we know that? Despite all our bitter experiences during the 1948 disaster, the 1967 relapse, the invasions of Beirut in 1982, Kuwait in 1990 and finally Baghdad in 2003? How did we raise people, regimes and leaders to face such a "guilty aggression"? With nothing but slogans, conviction and reprobation comments, the reporters' screams on Arab cable channels that are reproducing "barbarism" with demagoguism, despotism support and truth falsification (when the new inventions are under the mercy of a retarded mentality, they become its best support). The comment about the fall of the Arab media with the fall of Saddam is no exaggeration.

Second, thus the Arabs who lived the illusion that Saddam's regime, or the Iraqi people in its huge prison, was capable of presenting a "Vietnam scenario" or something similar in their resistance against the American troops, missed not only the subjective study of data between the Vietnamese situation and the Iraqi one, but the highly meaningful symbolic clues enough to highlight the huge difference between Ho-Chi-Minh with his partisans and his political party, and Saddam with his partisans and his party turned into a mummy in his hands.

Ho-Chi-Minh and his partisans didn't enjoy, nor were they busy with, Cuban cigars, marvelous palaces, fancy cars, blank checks to the supporters, and prison cells closed on the citizens etc... Despite all this evidence, some are still giving speeches about Vietnam on the cable TV stations - despite all that has happened.

On the Arab scene, the official impotence was clear from the beginning, for obvious reasons. What is distressful is the total national impotence, reflected by protests, demonstrations and shouting on the satellite TV stations, which led nowhere. This Arab act was probable in such situations and regressions, the excited procedure showed more than once.

Instead of realizing this from the start, before Basra's devastation, we began, after its fall and that of Baghdad, to present our philosophical ideas on the "deal's" details that gave Baghdad up... on the unusual events... what is unusual except the illusions and wishes? What novelist imaginative legendary action mentality do we have?... another time, we waited for them from the East and they came from the West, with some new diversity in this episode!

Baghdad, among other cities, was capitulated the day despotic rulers came on an American train decades ago, as unveil numerous events. It isn't surprising that those who came on the American train goes in an American tank, and those who took by the sword. God bless Khalil Hawi when he described one of these despots by saying: "a giant... coming out of the ambassador's pocket!" This giant, as his friends won't bring to us anything more than what we produce from wreckage and shock.

Thus, who wants to live the Vietnamese experience in Iraq or any other nation, ought to take its demands and conditions from planning, preparations, means, asceticism, deep breath and patience on the problems, or else he doesn't have to make himself and his nation with its fate subject to these imaginary comparisons.

Third, and this is not limited to the Vietnamese experience and its conditions; it includes the demands of surviving all experiences in this century.

Whoever wants democracy has to provide its elements; whoever wants real power has to have its needs; whoever wants evolution has to realize he can't get it without following the historical road with its crucial conditions the different living nations in the East and the West have fulfilled. There are no mediations or interventions, in history, for the sake of anyone as said the Imam Sheikh Mohammad Abdu. Decades ago, Mikhail Naimeh warned his fellow Arabs saying: "if you want the power and evolution of this century, you should work on their conditions, or else get out of this road, decide what you want and what you are looking for..."

Fourth, the nations' experiences are lessons to those who want to learn from them. It doesn't mean to clone them exactly or to know their endings. The intelligence of a nation decides of its experience. There is no "guideline" for all the situations. When Japan fell under the American occupation, when South Korea and the People's Republic of China had to take cover under its wings, it was difficult for Japan to follow the Vietnamese strategy of battle till the end. However, despite the horrible occupation and its humiliating control, Japan started building itself from a nationalistic, but serious plan, of massive development and came out of the destruction and ruins. The living nations grab their futures from the monster's teeth, with intelligence, effort, sacrifice and patience, without crying out pointlessly on TV. Japan didn't waste its energy after the nuclear disaster in verbally "criticizing" the American imperialism, but, using the international events and the cold war by then and the American equations, it built in its shadow, what represented the Japanese "miracle" history respectfully wrote next to the Vietnamese "miracle"...

The only difference is that the new Japanese construction accomplishments impose nowadays the ultimate independence of Japan from American control, while the post-occupation Vietnam is still opening its long and hard way towards development. Here, the rifle isn't sacred just because it is a rifle. What is sacred is the hard studied work towards the nation's reconstruction. No one goes to war for the sake of it, it is only a means, if necessary, to accomplish freedom and construction. This is the lesson between moving from the minor struggle to the major one according to the correct Islamic concept of construction.

So, there is no inevitable fate for the Vietnamese miracle...

There is no inevitable fate for the Japanese miracle...

They are two noticeable different ways to fight the occupation, and there probably are other ways. The question here is, where is the road to the right Arabic "miracle" that is not the former or the latter. The possible historical miracle on the Arabic land, without falls or spells, would be followed by shock, depression and astonishment.

Rhetoric doesn't create reality. The creative mind, the patient soul and the productive hands do that. When will we go out from the verbal production inherited from the Mamluks? After all that... isn't it time for the Arab conscious to mature? Finally, if we wanted a "quick remedy" to relieve Iraq from the new occupation, let the Iraqis reach agreements between each others, on establishing a national front gathering all their political currents to create a government with democratic nature and orientations, a government that would ask the occupation in front of the whole world to leave the Iraqi territories and then would be able to continue after its departure. If this is impossible, then the Arabs are lost, not only in Iraq but in each Arab country that won't be saved except with true democratic reforms, with no screaming, but with returning to fighting the analphabetism, releasing the mentality and getting free from racism, despotism and corruption. These are some of the "long march's" demands the Arabs should go through to go out of the dark tunnel that surrounds them. If they kept on being busy with "a major battle" every decade, and ignored reforming their local and internal and ran away from the truth of their under-development in knowledge and superstition and the weakness in the production and planning, the threats their orators shout against the forces of occupation and invasion won't do them any good.

Bring good news, you...

Mr. Al Ansari is a Bahraini intellectual.

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