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How To Get America Out of Iraq?

we shouldn't be excited and proud of getting America out for the sake of sects, tribes, civil conflict and the destruction of what is left of education, institutions and... logic. We should be excited and proud to get America out for the sake of an Iraqi nationalist plan that would be modern and developed.
How To Get America Out?
Hazem Saghieh, Dar Al-Hayat, 2003/04/23

If the choice were between the United Nations and the United States in Iraq, the answer is all too obvious. Most probably, only a small minority of Iraqis would prefer the U.S. Everyone agrees on the need to get the Americans out, especially since the U.S. announced its intention to establish military bases in Iraq. The question is: when and how?

This leads us to the need to constitute an Iraqi interim government. The faster we take this step, the faster the Americans will go. This is the Iraqis' responsibility. It is their responsibility to prove they will build a successful state and a society. Only then will they cut the road to the Americans.

However, let's consider the complications in this plan: First, the totalitarian years that brought repression to the people. Thus, we should expect, after what we saw yesterday in Karbala, that these people express themselves openly.

Second, the Ba'thist regime (53 years-old) didn't leave one political party standing. This explains why political Iraqi leaders had to be "imported" from abroad. In this sense, Iraq is more similar to Afghanistan after the Taliban (where Massoud's assassination came to close the mission of destroying internal substitutes) than to Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of communism.

Here, we should mention the warnings: There is a difference between the Americans leaving in favor of a national political Iraqi regime (the scenario set by the Egyptian Wafd Party or the Indian Conference Party when they kicked the British out), their departure and what happens thereafter, because then, we could see something we won't like.

First, the people's repression could turn into a long destructive civil conflict.

Second, before these internal differences, regional forces and interests will interfere, as happened in Lebanon in the 80's (with the difference of importance, size and... blood).

Third, a substitute as the Islamic Republic, as was suggested few days ago in the South (even if it withered away), would only enhance the demands of Arabs Sunnites and the Kurds and make them extreme demands. What is left is to understand by this Republic when its Iranian role model is a remarkable lesson in failure.

Fourth, it is hard, even harder, in this situation, with the civil conflicts, that the U.S. would accept to retreat, or even to let another force, like the UN interfere. So, Iraq is between an equal number of wars and powers at the same. To sum up, the Iraqi situation at the present time reopens the issue of the nationalism concept in the Arab world.

"Nationalism" isn't, in its negative sense, the totalitarian regimes added during the Cold war, or hostility against this or that party. In the positive sense of the word, it is acting for the best interests of the word, the most important being the reconstruction of the nation (nationalism with the Wafd party was under "long live Egypt;" with the Nasserites it began with "no to the occupation"). The nationalism could collide with the U.S., but this collision won't be the main element that erases any other. Thus, we shouldn't be excited and proud of getting America out for the sake of sects, tribes, civil conflict and the destruction of what is left of education, institutions and... logic. We should be excited and proud to get America out for the sake of an Iraqi nationalist plan that would be modern and developed. This is the responsibility of the Iraqis today.

homepage: homepage: http://english.daralhayat.com/OPED/23-04-2003/Article-20030423-b9bdcfcf-c0a8-01fc-004a-1a68cd219f73/story.html

on the Dar al hayat news agency... 23.Apr.2003 12:31

this thing here

Something wrong with Al Hayat? 23.Apr.2003 12:57

Raghida fan

Yes, let's talk about Al Hayat and see just how big of an idiot you really are:

This is what Edward Said has to say

...there is the case of the Lebanese journalist Raghida Dergham, a capable Lebanese woman who has represented Al-Hayat in New York for several years. A fine reporter and commentator with an excellent reputation in America, she has brought credit to her profession and her country for several years. She has now been indicted for high treason in her country because she attended a public Washington meeting and debated Uri Lubrani, an Israeli Mossad operative who was one of (and perhaps the chief of) the supervisors of the occupation regime in south Lebanon. (Before that he had been Israel's connection with the Shah of Iran). Dergham's passport has been withdrawn, and if she returns to her country she will immediately be arrested. (Another Lebanese journalist, Samir Kassir, has had his citizenship revoked because something he wrote seems to have angered the authorities).


And this is the bio of Raghida Dergham:

Raghida Dergham
Senior Diplomatic Correspondent
Al-Hayat, the Leading Independent Arabic Newspaper

Is there any doubt that Americans must begin to have a greater understanding of other cultures and people in the world? It is no longer merely in the interest of Diversity and Multiculturalism... it is truly a matter of the gravest importance.

Ms. Raghida Dergham offers her readers and lecture audiences an important and critical point of view from the Arab world.

As a Lebanese-born American citizen, she candidly discusses the the need for reforms in Arab politics and US Foreign Policy. She has been dubbed "the mother of all interviewers" and her recent interview with Secretary of State Colin Powell, in which he raised the question of a "provisional" Palestinian State, helps to explain why.

Marjorie Ranson of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University has said that "the Middle East is not only a part of the world marked by stark difference and violent collisions. It is also marked by nuance and complication. Raghida has the intellect and fluency in English and Arabic, which allows her to go beyond the headlines to see the opportunities."

She can bring insight not only into the cultural chasm between the Arab and Western Worlds, but what must be done to bridge that gap. From mail bombs to military tribunals, her career has brought her into jeopardy on more than one occasion.

Ms. Dergham is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the board of the International Women's Media Foundation.

A former President of the United Nations Correspondents Association, she addressed the UN General Assembly on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day.

She has interviewed numerous Foreign Ministers and Heads of State and has broken major news stories, including the secret talks in Oslo.

She was the only journalist to interview Ramzi Youssef, the alleged mastermind of the first attack on the World Trade Center.


... 23.Apr.2003 13:34

this thing here

is the newspaper Al-Hayat the same thing as the website Dar al hayat? do they both have the exact same website? are they both located in Beirut? why are the names spelled differently? i find the article above incredibly suspicious. it demands that iraqi's deny their strongly held religious and tribal identities, because if they don't, they won't become a "modern" nation (modern according to whom?), and america will have to stick around. the u.s. government couldn't have said it any better.

but i could be wrong. if i am mistaken, then by all means, help me to understand. as i said, i try to be reasonable.

Are you kidding me? 23.Apr.2003 13:48

Raghida fan

Are you kidding me? The paper is world famous and you can even access it from the same site (just click on the picture of the Arab Newspaper in the top right corner):

Raghida Dergham is one hell of a reporter, too:
 link to english.daralhayat.com

Now what's you're problem with Al Hayat and its website anyway?

for the second time... 23.Apr.2003 14:01

this thing here

i'm not kidding anybody. if you want to see my concerns about Dar al hayat, then please, check out the link below. perhaps you could help clear things up.

 link to portland.indymedia.org

What kind of game are you playing? 23.Apr.2003 15:31

Raghida fan

What are you, some kind of closet anti-Arab spokesman?

I tell you what, you write Edward Said or Raghida Dergham and ask them to explain Al Hayat to you - I have a feeling you would believe them more than me anyway.

What's your problem with Al Hayat? 23.Apr.2003 19:24

Raghida fan

I don't work for the Al Hayat the newspaper or their website, and neither do I work for Indymedia. If you are suspicious of Al Hayat or Edward Said or Raghida Dergham or even Indymedia, you need to address THEM not me.

Perhaps you would like to send them a letter bomb too?

United Nations Daily Highlights, 97-01-13
From: The United Nations Home Page at  http://www.un.org
email:  unnews@un.org
Monday, 13 January 1997

UN Security finds two letter bombs addressed to newspaper at Headquarters in New York.

UN Security personnel today found two letter bombs addressed to Al- Hayat newspaper in the mail room at Headquarters in New York, Acting Spokesman for the Secretary-General Fred Eckhard said, adding that Al- Hayat is a London-based Arabic-language newspaper that has a full-time correspondent at UN Headquarters. He pointed out that the name of the journalist was not on the envelope.

The first letter bomb was detected in the morning. It matched the description of others that had come into the United States during the past week, the Spokesman said. Since a similar letter bomb addressed to Al-Hayat exploded earlier at the newspaper's office in London injuring two people, UN Security increased its surveillance of the incoming mail, particularly for the press floors, the Spokesman stated. He added that the Al-Hayat correspondent had also informed United Nations that she felt at risk because of the incident in London.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said the bomb threat at the United Nations aimed at the office of the Al-Hayat newspaper was a reminder of the dangerous conditions under which many journalists must work, according to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General. Mr. Annan unreservedly condemns this cowardly act which is an assault on the United Nations itself and on the principle of free expression for which the United Nations stands, the Spokesman said.

we aint going nowhere! 23.Apr.2003 20:18


we bought it and paid for it. (in blood)

we are going to stay there and make sure they get it right.

Syria, Iran, and France are just going to have to suck on it!

suck on what? 23.Apr.2003 21:21


Those repressed homoerotic urges getting to you again, asdf?

Getting America out of the Northwest 24.Apr.2003 12:31

a who from whoville

The more important question for me (driven home by the jingoistic, murderous tone of asdf's comment above) is how do we get America out of the Pacific Northwest? I say, free Cascadia and let the Iraqis free themselves. The process, though, is linked. Breaking up America is probably the best thing that could happen to the world, as it would make it harder for the US to impose its bloodlust on others. Shrink the US, free Cascadia!