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4/10 NCEF! treesitters update

Climbers ascended "Allah" in the upper Freshwater Village today, and used pain compliance to remove the sitters and then cut Allah. Allah was definitely an Old Growth Redwood, and it was a very sad day for all of us. A newer climber, "Ox," was reportedly putting his foot on an activist's throat, twisting his
arms around, and hanging him upside down with a rope tied
around one leg, which was cutting off his circulation.
The climbing gang was also using pain compliance on another
activist, who was locked down, and used a grinder to cut through
his reinforced lock-box.
It is a miracle that no one has been seriously injured or killed by
these climbers, and we must begin a serious campaign to have
this practice stopped.

These men are not officers of the law, nor are they trained
search & rescue people; they are basically thugs, gathered up by
Eric Schatz, and paid by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber, with the
support of the Humboldt Co. Sheriff's Dept. This must be
stopped! We have to break through the Redwood Curtain with
this one!
As I understand, two federal judges, one in Santa Cruz and one
in Oregon, have ruled that the use of climbers to remove
tree-sitters is illegal because it's too dangerous.
We can all attest to that.
Again, the climbers were saying that at least one of the activists
was "acting suicidal" in the tree. This is because the climbers
have all agreed amongst themselves that they are going to testify
that, in case they would kill anyone, they are all going to say that
the activist committed suicide. Climber Eric told Amity, in the top
of Jerry, that very thing..."If you fall and die, we're going to tell
everyone that you committed suicide." This means that they are
blatantly willing to kill us, if that's what it takes to remove us and
cut the trees.

These men have absolutely NO BUSINESS removing people
from highly dangerous situations, applying pain compliance
holds, or even touching any one of us. We have the right to
non-violently protest without having our lives recklessly
endangered. We have to stop them before they seriously injure
or kill someone...it's a matter of odds and percentages, and it's
bound to happen if they continue their madness. They are also
getting increasingly aggressive and unpredictable.
Call the governor, call your representative, call the Humboldt Co.
Sheriff's Dept., call Maxxam & Pacific Lumber, call Eric Shatz's
insurance company, call the folks who have issued Eric his
operating license, file lawsuits, and write up declarations if you
were a victim of the climbers or witnessed anything in relation to
the climbers, and get it to me, so that we can get them to the
legal team.

This is serious and we need to act now, loudly, and together to
stop this insanity.
Good night, and I'll do my best to keep everyone updated.
With Love, Light, and Re-evolution,
Shunka Wakan
A Matter of Life and Limb 23.Apr.2003 12:07


These Protesters Put Their Bodies On the Line. But Are Their Heads In the Clouds?
By William Booth
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 22, 2003; Page C01

SOLID 23.Apr.2003 13:05


This should be an easy case to win in a court. Hell you have the same rights on any public property. In order to inflict any bodily harm they owner of the property has to feel in danger physically. Otherwise, the police must deal with it.

private property? 23.Apr.2003 18:19


you can't own a tree.
anyone who thinks otherwise is gravely mistaken.

Climbers/Suicidal 23.Apr.2003 19:29

Former activist

Unfortunately for all you tree sitters out there...

A precedent has been set by other tree sitters, and pod sitters. During the Fall Creek campaign, climbers were in the trees, and an activist put a noose around her own neck, threatening to step off the edge.

Pod sitters for the Eagle campaign in Oregon used a noose system in all the pods they erected. The last pod to come down was occupied by a minor, she was being removed by a cherry picker. She used a razor blade, supplied by organizers, to cut the safety lines, while the noose was around her neck. The lines holding the pod in mid air were 5.5 mil, running through a ring, supported by a webbing traverse. If she had cut just a few more, the pod would have dropped, and she would be dead.

I was present when the first pod system was removed at Eagle, The pod dropped damn hard when the last line was cut, anyone inside would not have had a chance, noose or no noose.

(In both cases, Fall Creek, and Eagle, direct action was successful in stopping the sales.)

Too many Activists have died due to accidents, caused by recklessness, lack of experience, and in the case of Gypsy, reckless disregard for life by a timber worker.

The majority of timber workers I have approached in the forest have been quiet, shut off their saws, and just stared. A few talk, more get angry, and pissed off. The forest is a dangerous place to be for everyone when trees are falling. Especally when the workers are agitated, continue to work, and become distracted from their job.

Many workers are being hit hard by the fucked economy, the fact that redwood is really not a good building material, so is only sold for decorative perposes decks and such.

Good luck, and remember that it is legal for a property owner to use force to protect themselves if they feel that they are being threatened on their property. Not an excuse for their violence, just be careful.