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Portland Peace Encampment - Day 34

Portland Peace Encampment is evicted with the "Sit-Lie" rule...Protester told to stand because he could be a "trip hazard".... Chairs and Umbrellas and Personal items STOLEN by the police.... What kind of world is this when you can't express your first amendment rights...(BTW we shoved our bill of rights sign right in the supervisors fat face! He didn't read it though...)
A week ago and Today as well the local Portland Police Department has come and pretty much stripped the camp of all thier belongings citing the nuiance law. One that is unconstitutional and highly Unamerican. this is the bullcrap that they are slinging. 14A.50.030 Obstructions as Nuisances. A. Unless specifically authorized by ordinance, it is unlawful for any person to obstruct any street or sidewalk, or any part thereof, or to place or cause to be placed, or permit to remain thereon, anything that obstructs or interferes with the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or that is in violation of parking lane, zone or meter regulations for motor vehicles. Such an obstruction hereby is declared to be a public nuisance. The City Engineer, the City Traffic Engineer, or the Chief of Police may summarily abate any such obstruction or the obstruction may be abated as set forth in Chapter 29.20. This is to broad and far reaching to be a law without further appending to certain parts. because nowhere do I see anything connected with the camping law here. Yet they cite this law and say we cannot have chairs, blankets or food. I guess living outside a building is illegal! Now. I know what Vera Katz *cough*whore*cough* has stated that all thats left at the camp is homeless people. Not true in the least bit! I myself am a Network Admin For hire. (I own my own business. Nexus Security L.L.C.) and some of us there our job is to be the Americans that we are and protest and condemm our corrupt government. To put it midly... This shit has got to stop! This crap was done at 5:45 am and with radio silence so it didn't leak to the media. We need more people to help out so we can possibly set up shifts or something to that affect so the cops don't start trying to take our property with big grins on thier faces...(You should of seen thier eyes light up when they noticed that there were still property tags on a good amount of the stuff they hauled off.) anyway we need more support here at the front of city hall. They may of taken our belongings but spirits are still high...(I hope[because I know mine are])