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Police Raid Peace Camp Again

At 6am Tuesday April 23, the Portland Police raided the Portland Peace Encampment across from City Hall at SW 4th and Jefferson. Again. The police seized everything, including personal items. However, the police ignored the Bill of Rights sign. Again. Even though the police physically removed some demonstrators from chairs, no one was even cited for violating any law, nor were any grounds given for the seizure.
Earlier on Monday, April 22nd, Peace Camp demonstrators had managed to retrieve the signs, chairs, and other equipment that was seized previously in the April 14th raid Most of that recovered equipment was moved to storage, but protest signs (including the Portland Peace Encampment mission statement) two chairs and a folding table were set up back at Peace Camp.

The police did not give the Peace Camp a property receipt during the raid, even though several demonstrators pointed out that personal property was being seized. Only by calling Central Precinct after the raid was a receipt issued, although no owner was listed.

Peace Camp continues to protest across from City Hall. They will attempt to get the seized property back from the police as soon as possible. Any and all help and donations are welcome. Please call (503-823-4120), fax (503-823-3588) or e-mail ( mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us) Mayor Katz' office to protest this latest illegal police search and seizure.

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