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Eugene indymedia?

Where did Eugene indymedia go?
Maybe I missed the memo on this one, but I went to the Eugene indymedia site and it looks like it hasn't been active for almost a year. Did they move? If it isn't running anymore why is it listed as a indymedia site? If this is old news to those that know, sorry, I am just curious.
inactive site 23.Apr.2003 11:17

pdx indy volunteer

yeah, there hasn't been activity on that site for over a year.

this is it for the time being!

post here 23.Apr.2003 11:29


Eugene indy hasn't been up for quite some time. It seems as if many people from Eugene read this site, so I have been posting events and such here. I think they are revamping this site, so it may become easier for Eugene folks to get their news and events from here. So if you want to post anything having to do with Eugene, I think it is pretty effective to post it here.

Medford site for S. Oregon 23.Apr.2003 20:13


There's also another site based in Medford, and is fairly up-to-date.