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government hired trolls on indymedia

an idea that is most likely truth
Indymedia has gained immense power as an activist database since the WTO protests in Seattle. It has grown to include countries and cities around the world. This growth has not been embraced by the US government that we organize to protest against. It allows activists to organize huge amounts of people together to express their disatisfaction with the government and its policies.

This website has more trolls than I have ever seen on any other website. Not too many religious right, conservatives, or republicans would be able to find indymedia on their own because it isn't advertised anywhere or covered in the media.

I believe that the government has hired these trolls in attempt to frustrate this websites users and to discourage its use. It works for many people. It is hard to wade through all of the idiotic things these people say. We spend much of our time responding to them.

Why else would these people waste so much time on a website that promotes values that contradict their own?
one idea 23.Apr.2003 10:53


Maybe if we ignore them - not respond to their nonsense - they will eventually get bored and go away!

duh 23.Apr.2003 11:15


based on your intelligent response, mike, i have come to my senses. i cant believe i thought you were an idiot this whole time! i have totally changed my mind. war is good. we should sit by and let our government do whatever they want without saying a word about it. and because the only thing that gets through to the government is money, i will spend lots of money and not protest at all, which may disrupt commerce. i mean, come on. lives are not more important that money, right? i am just going to sit by and know that the government will be able to do whatever it wants because it has no fear of citizen backlash. i am so happy now. now i can live a life of ignorance and make decisions based on fear. i am sure i will be happy driving my suv filled with the blood of innocents. i know my government told me it isnt about oil, and i believe them despite the fact that they couldnt stop any looting but they could stand guard in front of the oil ministry. i am so glad that i can live in denial now because i would hate to have to think for myself. i also would hate to have to change my ways. i think i will just sit around all day and try to be a drain on people. i enjoy making positive effects on the world like that. i feel so proud of myself.

Troll 23.Apr.2003 11:23

Metal Pancreas

I agree with the ignoring tactic. Unfortunately, this can fail in a number of ways, 2 of which being: new (bona fide) users to indymedia will be baited and hooked by the trolls and will react to them with postings; and the proliferation of disinformation that we will have to waste our time uncovering and disproving. It's not that hard to post something that's slightly unnerving and would require a little research to illuminate.

My philosophy with indymedia has always been: use what is useful or interesting and flush the rest. I don't use indymedia to have shit-slinging matches with morons, I use it to see what intelligent free thinkers are up to and to find out about what's going on in portland and the world without having the information filtered through barrels of merde (oregonian, etc.).

the trolls are welcome, as they will exist in any and all societies, but when they are hoarse from yelling in the mirror they will have to sit down and shove an ice cube down their shirt. best to ignore them, yes.

w 23.Apr.2003 11:27


>Maybe if we ignore them - not respond to their nonsense - >they will eventually get bored and go away!

But they're getting paid!

Mike, KOAT 23.Apr.2003 13:33

running with scissors

"I came here because YOU and YOUR ilk shutdown my city one night."

Trolling for "your" city, eh? Well, do we have a winner? Those people were protesting our government, which shut down Iraq and has shut it down for YEARS. One night? Wah wah wah.

"Why don't you move to Iraq, loser!?" Hey, for once--a good argument from the right wingers! If you did, you might see that their suffering was wrought not only by Saddam, but also by your tax dollars. Sweet dreams, Mike.

WHAT DON'T YOU HAVE? 23.Apr.2003 13:48


We all know that Trolls (HAVIES) have free time because their wives are not doing what they want....and their money isn't bringing happiness.....and occaisonally their city gets shut down.

i have something you dont have 23.Apr.2003 14:09


". AS Opposed to us trolls with things like; Cars and jobs and spouses and MONEY (lots) and friends that like us"

why dont you do something with all that you have instead of wasting your time here, then?

i wonder what makes us so different, then... i have a car, a job, a spouse, money, and friends that like me too. i guess it must be the ability to think that i have that makes me different from you.

but hey, the ability to be a sheep is valuable, too, dont get down on yourself.

i wouldnt want you to sink into a depression and waste away to nothing.

trolls 23.Apr.2003 17:50


They're not getting paid, at least not by the government. Come on. Every one of us went to high school with kids like these, who never seemed to have many friends and probably weren't meeting with much enthusiasm from the opposite sex and became bitter and hostile and seemed to constantly be looking for ways to prove their superiority to everyone else. The internet is the perfect venue for these types to indulge their desire to get the acknowledgement their peers (and probably their parents) never gave them.

Look at 'Mike' here, for example. Stupid, juvenile self-aggrandizement accompanying vacuous contrarianism. As though we all secretly admire him for having the balls to submit childish taunts and boasts to an anonymous publishing source and we're really just angry because we're jealous. The things we can infer about Mike's life from this include the following:

1. He is probably in or recently out of high school, or for some other reason maintains a fixation on events from his childhood.
2. If he is an 'adult,' Mike probably does not hold a job which he finds very fulfilling or satisfying, nor does he enjoy particularly close or friendly relationships with his co-workers.
3. Mike probably does not have sex as frequently as he would like.
4. In direct personal interactions, Mike is probably not very confident or assertive, and has a tendency to be deferential, particularly toward authority figures. He probably has an intense fear of disapproval or humiliation, leading him to suppress many of his aggressive and self-assertive impulses in public situations and seek arenas in which to express them that are private or anonymous.
5. Mike probably has an elaborate and active fantasy life in which he imagines himself to be a figure of considerable importance (such as the 'king of all trolls'), and that he figures prominently in the private thoughts of others, a persona that manifests itself in the arenas he finds for anonymous personal expression. He has probably developed an aptitude in many of these arenas for making others angry at him, which feeds his fantasies of his own importance and allows him to imagine himself as clever and brave for his ability to elicit this response from others through an insulating barrier of anonymity.

In short, Mike and his little friends would love to think that they constitute a threat to those of us who use this website for practical purposes because this provides them with a role as an object of our recognition and fear. The reward they derive from this is purely internal and more powerful an enticement to persons of their personality type than any external financial compensation, which is why you'll find them posting their little masterpieces at all hours of the day and night. The best way to get rid of them is to deny them this recognition, in which case they will move on to some other source of acknowledgement and the rest of us can stop wasting our time and indymedia's server space on their childish appeals for attention.

Uh huh... 23.Apr.2003 19:59

Trilox Woodsman

I guess I'm pretty much the longest lasting rightwingtroll here and I can tell the only check I got from Uncle Sam was my tax return. I think someone is a little paranoid but I guess its best to be careful because I'm sure this site is monitored by the Feds but I'm sure such people just observe. I would imagine that several local law enforcement agencies monitor this site on a regular basis to find out when meetings are being held so that they can infiltrate them.

Mostly what goes on here is a lot of infighting and gibber gabber that doesn't amount to much. In fact, the amount of information you reveal about your meetings and activities can only hurt you as far as I can see...

Too kind 23.Apr.2003 19:59


"3. Mike probably does not have sex as frequently as he would like."

Steve, you're too kind. The above quote implies that Mike may possibly have had sex. His energy screams out that he has never had sex.

Volunteer Cointelpro in Training 23.Apr.2003 21:37


You mean you can get paid for this? Sign me up!!

is it possible to killfile trolls here? 23.Apr.2003 23:15

Joe Hill

One solution to the annoying troll problem would be to allow readers to killfile certain individuals. On usenet, for example, there is a tool in most newsreaders to not display messages from a given individual.

I don't know enough to know if this is technically possible within a webpage-based format such as indymedia. I imagine it would be difficult since people keep changing names. Perhaps the ip address could be tagged for readers to killfile? Is this even possible?

Alternatively, there could be an indymedia killfile vote for repeat offenders.